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10 Baby Products Your Grandma Wishes She Had

July 19, 2016

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You may have heard some sly comments from your grandma (or even mother) about how, “when you were kids we didn’t have any of this fancy stuff, and you turned out just fine!” And while that may be true, she may or may not (but probably is) thinking of how much easier it would’ve been if she DID have some of the cool baby products that are available today.

So here is our round-up of 10 baby products that your grandma wishes she had (even if she won’t admit it).

1. Car seat

Yes, the car seat! With all of the dozens and dozens of car seat options today, you’d probably be shocked to know that the first car seat designed for safety wasn’t available until 1962. And even then, there weren’t any laws that required the use of car seats until 1979, and THEN it took years for all of the states to jump on board. They did have car “seats” that were just that – seats – and the purpose was simply to prop the kid up so the parents could see them.  So yeah, grandma probably could’ve used something like this back in the day:


2. NoseFrida

No matter how disgusting and awkward it looks, any mom who’s used the NoseFrida will sing it’s praises til’ the cows come home. Bulb syringes ain’t got nothing on the NoseFrida, and it has revolutionized the game of clearing those stuffy little noses. And no, if you haven’t used it and are still disgusted, snot does NOT get in your mouth or anywhere near it.


3. Disposable diapers

Many parents choose to cloth diaper today, and that’s okay. But did you catch the important part of that sentence? They get to CHOOSE to cloth diaper. Back in grammy’s day, disposable diapers did not have their own shelf in the grocery store. The first “disposable” diaper was technically introduced in the late 40’s they were rudimentary, to say the least. Think perfect rectangle, no elastic, no tape fasteners, and the absorbency were just stacks of tissue. It was rare to see one at all, but in from 60’s onward the demand for disposable diapers was realized and innovations were almost constant. By the 80’s and 90’s the diapers we use today were being created.


4. SwaddleMe Swaddlers

If babies love to kick out of their swaddle blankets now, I’m sure that babies back in the day did as well. And let’s be honest – swaddling a baby is an art form. You see someone do it fast and tight and think, “oh, maybe I just need to do it a little tighter,” but then you always worry that it’s TOO tight and end up loosening it up a little bit, and then it’s all over. Well, thank goodness to the geniuses behind the SwaddleMe swaddlers. No more stretching and tucking all that fabric, because Velcro. Ah, glorious Velcro. Now, granny may argue that she could swaddle two babies at once back in her day, but she can’t deny that these simple treasures would’ve saved her a lot of trial-and-error time.


5. Electric breast pumps

Another product that many women don’t know what they’d do without is the electric breast pump. Because of it, pumping is so much easier and convenient, and possible. Manual expressing can take a lot of time and even cause soreness, and can you believe that electric breast pumps weren’t even available until the early 1990’s? Our grandma’s that had to pump were superheroes for all of the time and effort they put in to nourishing their babies.


6. Owlet Monitor

Making the adjustment to a new baby is difficult for parents regardless of their generation. The worry, the stress, the sleep-loss, the nightly peek-and-pray – all timeless problems new parents face. Now, parents can finally sleep when the baby sleeps worry-free with the Owlet monitor. With the Owlet monitor watching over their little one, tracking their heart rate and oxygen levels and designed to notify if baby’s levels fall out of range, parents don’t have to memorize where the creaks are in the floor and pray they don’t wake the baby when they check on them all night long. Oh yeah, you can bet grandma would’ve bought an Owlet monitor in a heartbeat if it meant a little more sleep.


7. Amazon Family

Formerly known as Amazon Mom, this incredible service is a lifesaver to new parents who might just be a little bit frazzled. Particularly, the diaper subscription service is a godsend for new parents, because let’s be honest – you don’t realize how many diapers a baby goes through until you run out in the middle of the night. Going through a pack every day or two is not abnormal, and it can be hard to get to the store with a baby who has an erratic sleep schedule. Amazon Family delivers diapers to your door, regularly. You can just sign up for regular shipments and they are delivered right to your doorstep. It’s like having a beautiful, magical diaper fairy.


8. Mamaroo

Remember that car seat that your grandma probably didn’t have? Well, soothing her fussy baby in the car probably wasn’t that easy, but she probably didn’t know what else to do. And today, you’ll likely still find many parents on the road driving around to soothe their crying babies who only seem to be pacified by the motion of the moving car. Thank goodness for the invention of the Mamaroo, an infant seat that can mimic the motion of a car ride and the side-to-side swaying motion of a parent, among other movement patterns. Grandma would’ve saved a lot of gas and time with a Mamaroo to soothe her fussy baby.


9. Pacifier Thermometer

The AAP suggests that a baby’s temperature be taken orally or rectally, and some pediatricians would argue that orally is not as accurate in young babies as rectally. And if you’ve already sick of reading the word “rectally,” you’ll be thrilled to know there is a pacifier thermometer to help you get an accurate oral temperature. Now the stress of a feverish baby doesn’t have to be exacerbated by the method of temperature-taking, cause you can just plop the pacifier in their mouth.

pacifier thermometer

10. Ergobaby 360

While baby-wearing has been around for centuries, its popularity declined in the US until the 1980’s, when Dr. William Sears designed a sling for his wife to use with their baby and coined the term “baby-wearing.” His design gained attention and popularity, and baby-wearing in the US has become increasingly popular since that time. Today, there are so many different carriers to choose from, and they are getting more and more comfortable and convenient. Bet grandma wishes she could’ve had an Ergobaby 360 or similar carrier back in her day, when she could strap on her baby or even toddler when she was doing housework, grocery shopping, going on outside adventures, or whatever else grandma was into.


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