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10 Moms Share Their Owlet Review

February 5, 2017

Mommin’ ain’t easy, as the saying goes. Do a quick search of the hashtag #momlife on social media to get a glimpse at some of the exasperating, disgusting, hilarious, exhausting, etc. experiences of moms all over the world. But thanks to the Owlet monitor, moms everywhere are getting a big break from one of the hardest parts of motherhood – anxiety. The peace of mind that Owlet offers is helping moms everywhere get more restful sleep with the knowledge that Owlet is helping them keep an eye on their little ones while they sleep.

Read what a few of these moms have to say about their Owlet monitors and how it’s making their #momlife a little bit easier.

“I used to constantly want to be checking my baby… Now I can just glance at the owlet and check for the green light. Especially helpful now that baby is sleeping for longer stretches.”

  • Kristine from LA, CA

“The monitor itself is wonderful. I’m so happy with it. It works great! It gives me so much more piece of mind. I feel a lot more at ease at night, which helps me sleep better. I absolutely love it!”

  • Meesa-Mommy to 2 boys from Calgary, Canada

“I love that I can check on my baby without having to go in and actually touch her and possibly wake her up. I love how easy it is to use, I love how light weight it is and my baby doesn’t notice it is there. It gives me such peace of mind!”

  • Sam from Anchorage, AL

“I can’t imagine not having the owlet. Our little one sleeps 8 hours straight and I would constantly be checking on her. It’s so nice to not need to worry … I wish all parents could have one.”

  • Kay from Cicero, NY 

“My daughter was a preemie and spent a month in the NICU. When she came home I was a nervous wreck. My sister bought me the owlet … It’s amazing, there’s two different sounds, one is if something wrong with the sock or if connection is bad or anything along those lines. The other is if something is serious wrong with the baby. I’m glad it has two different sounds this way I’m not freaking out… when really the sock was loose.”

  • Can from Philadelphia, PA

“The Owlet gives me total peace of mind when the baby is sleeping, so I can sleep too! I don’t know how any new parent lives without it. I would recommend it unreservedly to any new parent.”

  • Kim from New Market, MD

“Owlet was recommended to us by two different pediatricians and an ENT specialist at Primary Children’s Hospital. Our baby has Severe Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Laryngomalacia. We couldn’t sleep at night for fear he would stop breathing. He is on oxygen at night and I can’t imagine not having Owlet. We can finally sleep when he sleeps. Hallelujah!!”

  • Ddeleeuw from Herriman, Utah

“I love my owlet and would recommend this to any new family. I plan to use it on my next baby as well. It adds as another safety watch measuring heart rate and oxygen. This gives me peace of mind and helps me sleep better at night not being paranoid checking on her a million times a night … ”

  • Nicci B from Huntington Beach, CA

“My daughter is a very noisy sleeper. She grunts and moans and makes a lot of sounds at night. I am able to fall asleep without worrying something is wrong because I can easily see her O2 level and heart rate are perfectly normal. She may make some strange sounds, but I know that’s just her and not a problem with her breathing. My husband also sleeps better having this as our “security blanket.”

  • Lisa plus 2 from Doylestown, PA

“I am so glad that we have this kind of technology today. I was always so nervous when putting my little one to bed at night. I was constantly waking up to check to make sure everything was fine. My husband talked me into ordering the owlet and boy am I glad I did… It gives me a piece of mind at night that no other product could give me. We have had no issues at all and we have been using it for almost 2 months now… I highly recommend this product, we will be buying one for my niece who is due in just a few short months!”

  • Mama A from Inverness, FL
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