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10 Must-Have Breastfeeding Accessories and Tools

August 4, 2016

It’s 2:00 am and your baby is crying. You know he needs to breastfeed, but you can’t remember which side is up. You also realize that you’re thirsty. Really thirsty. But, your trusty water glass is nestled in your kitchen sink. Plus, it’s 2:00 am and you’re working with about 20 minutes of sleep, so all of these thoughts are hazy and incoherent…

Sound familiar?

It’s no secret that breastfeeding can be a labor of love. When you’re sleep deprived and recovering from your delivery, it can be difficult to remember when your baby ate last and when her last wet diaper happened. Which is why I’m here. Today, I’m sharing ten must-have breastfeeding accessories and tools to aid you in your breastfeeding journey.

These 10 breastfeeding must-have accessories are designed to help make your life easier, and to mitigate some of the stress that can come from breastfeeding.

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One – Take it from me, a night light for nursing is a great idea. This one provides a gentle glow that will help you see, but won’t wake up your baby. It’s perfect for those late-night feedings, and even comes with a gentle vibrating timer to help you know how long you’ve been nursing.

Two – A functional and comfortable nursing bra is a must! This microfiber option comes in a two-pack and each are so incredibly soft, you won’t mind if you fall asleep while wearing one.

Three – This suggestion might seem a little random, but trust me, you’re going to want good breast milk storage bags. These ones are the best in the business, in my humble opinion, and are easy to label, store and reheat.

Four – I’m sure you’re wondering why I included hair ties on this list. I have a reason, I promise! Hair ties played an integral part in my attempt to remember which side to start nursing on. I’d switch wrists after every nursing session, so if I forgot, I could just reference my wrist and then get to work. Whatever works, right?

Five – If you’ve ever been stuck in a work meeting or somewhere else where you were unable to breastfeed or pump, you’ll know how important nursing pads are. They are vital in preventing leakage, and also help give your girls a little comfort in between breastfeeding sessions. If I were nursing and stranded on a desert island, I would take these. This kind has adhesive that will stick to your nursing bra or shirt, so they stay in place.

Six – Hydration is key, and so is a “nurstie.” You know what they are. They’re the amazing plastic mugs with a lid and a straw that become your hydration salvation. You probably received one in the hospital, and so you already know they are amazing. I recommend filling it up before bed and placing it on your nightstand, or somewhere else accessible, for nighttime feedings. That way, you stay hydrated and don’t have to leave the comfort of your bed. It’s also totally cool to tote it around all day to make sure you’re getting enough water.

Seven – I guarantee if you find a great nursing pillow, your back will thank you. They’re not for everyone, but I like the functionality of this particular option. A nursing pillow is also great to use for tummy time, so you’re kind of getting a two-for-one type of deal. Win-win.

Eight – If the hair tie trick isn’t your cup of tea, I recommend purchasing an app to help you track feedings, wet diapers, etc. This particular app is probably the best-of-the-best, because you can track multiple kids at once. (I’m looking at you, moms of multiples.) You can time and track diapers, nursing, pumping, bottles, solids, sleeping, bath, and other milestones. And your info is backed up on the cloud… in case you delete everything in a sleep deprived-induced stupor.

Nine – If covered nursing is your jam, this is a great option. It provides great coverage and can be used in different ways depending on how you like to nurse. It’s compact and can also double as an infinity scarf or a car seat cover. I’m always a fan of things that serve multiple purposes.

Ten – Last, but certainly not least, is some good old nursing salve. Because cracked nipples are a bummer. (And hurt like hades).

What are your favorite breastfeeding accessories and tools?


—Contributed by Lauren Soderberg

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20 thoughts on “10 Must-Have Breastfeeding Accessories and Tools


Where is the link for the cup? There isnt one in the article



A milky. Catches milk during let down of breast you are not nursing. Catches up to an ounce for me, which would have otherwise soaked my bra or breast pad and been wasted, it’s the best thing ever. Just wish I had it for my firstborn.



Coconut oil also works really well for cracked nipples as some babies can be allergic to the lanolin in nipple cream. Also if you have a case of DDD I have yet to find a nursing bra that works that isn’t 100. I saved a couple older bras and are going to make my own. They aren’t difficult and there are some tutorials how to do it. I’m also going to make a pumping bra out of one of them.

Avatar for Brittany


Hi Chelsey! We’ve added the link in the post 🙂

Avatar for Brittany


Hi there, so sorry about that. The links are up now!


Danielle B.

Is that a specific type of cup ?!? If so name ?!?



Where do you get the cup from? P



Why didn’t you post the names of all these items with a link to purchase?



Hi! Where would I find the water bottle at? Thank you!

Avatar for Brittany


Hi Heather, the links should be in the post now. Sorry about that inconvenience! The bras are from H&M and you can find them here: http://www.hm.com/us/product/14331?article=14331-A&cm_vc=PRA1

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Hi Jennifer, sorry about that! It’s called Total Baby Pro. Here is the link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/total-baby/id312198543?mt=8

Avatar for Brittany


Hi! The app is called Total Baby Pro. Here is the link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/total-baby/id312198543?mt=8

Avatar for Brittany


Hi there, these bras are from H&M! http://www.hm.com/us/product/14331?article=14331-A&cm_vc=PRA1

Avatar for Brittany


Hi Meredith, that’s a Covered Goods nursing cover!



What brand is the nursing scarf?



What brand are the bras?


What’s the name of the app?



I wish you had posted where you got these products. What brand are those bras? Still haven’t found one I really like.



But what is the app called? You didn’t mention the name!