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10 Pregnancy Graphic Tees That Will Make You LOL

June 25, 2016

Everyone’s pregnancy experience is unique. Sometimes it’s an enjoyable experience… and other times, it’s a little less so. (Just ask my super swollen feet and ankles about five years ago…) Which is why I thought it would be fun to inject a little pregnancy humor into the mix with ten pregnancy graphic tees that will make you LOL. (And yes, I just wrote “LOL,” because emojis were unavailable.)

10 Pregnancy Graphic Tees That Will Make You LOL

I’m So Pregnant There’s something about this tee’s directness that really appeals to me, especially if it’s worn in the last trimester. I’ve also seen it used for pregnancy announcements, which is also super fun.

Available at Hello Merch ($24)

Baby Loading – This is a great shirt for those who love technology, as well as those who are just casual perusers of the interwebs.

Available on Etsy ($19.95)

Let Me Out – If this shirt didn’t make you LOL, I don’t know what will. I thought it was really clever. And you could incorporate this into a Halloween costume of some kind that would be all sorts of awesome.

Available at Cafe Press ($29.95)

I’m Making a Human – I mean, it’s a pretty big job, right? Might as well draw a little attention to your efforts.

Available at Cafe Press ($29.95)

Pregasaurus Rex – This tee is totally cute. I think if you have other little children at home, they’d probably love this option too. Who doesn’t like a cartoon T-Rex?

Available at Cafe Press ($26.95)

Hands off the Bump – Am I the only one whose belly would get caressed at awkward times by total strangers? Didn’t think so.

Available on Amazon.com (From $19.95)

I’m So Tired – Though not technically a pregnancy tee, this option is soft and stretchy. Size up for a bit of extra room, and wallow in the fact that you are never going to sleep again. I’m kidding. (Kind of.)

Available at Hello Merch ($24)

Darth Preggar – Witty wordplay for the win. See also: Star Wars. I don’t really feel like I need to sell you on this one because it’s awesome.

Available at Cafe Press ($29.95)

Lay Off Me I’m Starving A funny niche reference that can add a little humor to your daily wardrobe? Check.

Available at Crazy Dog T-Shirts ($19.99)

Twins – This would be a fun shirt to announce that you’re having twins or just another way to remind people that you’re pretty legit because you’re having multiples.

Available on Etsy ($24.99)

Would you wear any of these shirts whilst pregnant? If so, which would you choose?

—Contributed by Lauren Soderberg

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