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10 Things to Do Before Baby Arrives

February 23, 2017

The clock’s ticking and baby is coming! Wondering what are the must-dos before your baby makes his or her debut? We can help. Here’s a list of the top 10 must-dos before the babe arrives:

1. Verify what hospital you are delivering at

 This is a good question to ask your insurance company and make sure that your OBGYN is able to deliver at your hospital too. You don’t want them to be out of the hospital’s network.

Then, be sure you and your significant other drive to the hospital from your house, so you know exactly how to get there and how to get into the entrance of where you’ll be delivering your baby. Be sure to check what the policies are for after-hour arrivals too.

2. Take a child-birthing class

 You may think you have a good idea on what to expect when you go into labor. But, there is a lot of information shared in child-birthing classes that are beneficial for both you and your significant other. Sign up early for this class, as they book up quickly.

Also look into breastfeeding classes that the hospital offers if you are planning on breastfeeding your baby as well.

3. Choose a pediatrician

This was one thing I didn’t even think about doing prior to my baby coming. But, your pediatrician can be at the hospital to check on your baby, so you’ll want to decide who it should be prior to heading to the hospital to deliver. We wrote about this here for extra advice on this important topic.

4. Wash baby bedding and newborn clothes

We recommend washing anything that will come in contact with baby’s skin after they are home. Baby bedding, swaddles, and baby blankets are all a good idea to have ready. We also suggest washing a week’s worth of newborn clothing, so you don’t have to worry about it when you get home from the hospital.

Use baby detergents for washing because they are hypoallergenic formulas made specifically with newborns and babies in mind. There are many brands available to purchase, including the following brands:

Dreft Baby Detergent

Charlie’s Soap



Seventh Generation Free & Clear


5. Install the car seat

Trust us on this one. Those car seats may be trickier than you think – and all for good reason: to protect your little one. We suggest installing the base in your car as well as making sure the actual car seat is ready to go for your baby too.

6. Prepare dinners

After delivering your baby, you will be famished; it’s a lot of work! After you get home from the hospital, you’ll be even more hungry from juggling your new schedule with a newborn. Make some freezer meals ahead of time, so you won’t have to worry about food when you get home from the hospital. Here are some good suggestions to try.

7. Pack your hospital bag

You may think you know exactly what you want to pack in your hospital bag, but when you are in the early stages of labor, all those ideas will be difficult to remember! So, pack your hospital bag early, and re-check it closer to your final doctor appointments to make sure you have everything ready to go. Here are some suggestions on what to include in your hospital bag.

8. Choose your birth announcement

Before you spend a lot of your time changing diapers and feeding a newborn, take time to research the birth announcements you love. That way, you’ll be an extra step closer to finishing the announcements when your baby arrives.

9. Get a bed for baby

Now that the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends room-sharing with your baby for their first six months, consider what type of bed you’ll want for baby in your room. There are many different types of bassinets and baby beds, or you could even set up their crib in your room until they are old enough to be in their own bedroom. Either way, decide early and purchase the baby bed and install it before you go into labor.

 10. Take care of you

While this may be difficult to do with the laundry list of items on your to-do list, it will be worth it. Schedule that hair appointment you’ve been meaning to do, get a pedicure with your best friend, or go pick out a robe you’ve been eying for the hospital. Either way, take time to take care of yourself before the baby comes.

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