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10 Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy

May 19, 2015

Congratulations, you’re pregnant! Now comes the fun part: announcing your exciting news to your friends and family! One of the best parts of finding out you’re pregnant is letting those who are close to you know about this significant event in your life. Don’t worry, this announcement doesn’t have to be anything fancy, something simple and cute does the job just as well. There are millions of great ways to announce your little bundle of joy, but here is a list of our favorite ways to announce a pregnancy:

1. Scrabble Words:

What you’ll need: Scrabble letters. Everyone loves Scrabble, so why not creatively use these fun little squares to announce your baby?! Spell out “Baby” and then write out your due date underneath. I’ve also seen people add “Love” and then the date they fell in love, “Marriage” and the date they got married, and then at the end add the “Baby” part. Don’t forget to take a picture and share it with friends and family.

2. Calendar with Baby Shoes:

What you’ll need: a calendar and a cute pair of baby shoes. Put the baby shoes on the month you’re due and put a little check mark or sticker on your actual due date. Snap a picture.

3. Balloons:

What you’ll need: balloons! There are several ways you can use balloons, but one of my favorite ways is having you and your spouse each blow up a balloon, one saying, “Expecting to pop” and the other one displaying your due date. This is a fun idea because you get to include your spouse!

4. Bun in the Oven:

What you’ll need: hamburger bun, oven, and significant other. It might be an oldie, but boy it’s a goodie. Put a hamburger bun in the oven and take a picture of you and your spouse looking at it. This is definitely one of the easiest on the list, but it will still bring a smile to anyone’s face!

5. Present:

What you’ll need: a bow and tag. Wrap a cute bow around your tummy with a tag attached that reads, “Don’t open until (then write your due date).” This one is fun to do around Christmas time or someone’s birthday. This makes one of the best gifts, especially for a grandpa or grandma. The tears will definitely start to flow with this idea.

6. Shoes:

What’ you’ll need: pair of spouse’s shoes and baby shoes. You see this one a lot, but it’s a great one to remember this special time. Take a picture of you and your spouse’s shoes alongside a pair of baby shoes. This one is also easy to frame and put up as decoration in your home.

7. Ice-cream and Pickles:

What you’ll need: a big jar of pickles and tub of ice cream. Take a picture with a big jar of pickles and a tub of ice cream. These are two of the most craved food items while pregnant, so your picture will be a dead giveaway to all who see it. I would know; I’m pretty sure that I had a DQ blizzard on the daily while I was pregnant!  Why my husband let me do that, I still don’t know. But, this idea is an easy and fun announcement!

8. Bump Ahead:

What you’ll need: a road sign that says “Bump Ahead.” Find a road sign that say “Bump Ahead.” If you live close to the mountains there are a lot of these signs up the canyon. Take a quick photo standing besides one of these signs. This one is super easy as well, unless you have to drive all over looking for one of these signs.  Research before you start looking. Know where a good “Bump Ahead” sign is located? Tell us where in the comments below!

9. Children’s Books:

What you’ll need: some children’s books. There are all kinds of children’s books out with fun titles that you could use to announce your baby. Take a picture of you and your spouse cuddled up reading the book. The title is the key part to this idea, so make sure you can see it big and clear. A couple of good book titles to use include: “Ten Tiny Toes”, “I’m a Big Sister”, “What to Expect When You’re Expecting”, and “New Baby”. If anyone has any other good book recommendations, comment below!

10. Prego:

What you’ll need: a can of Prego spaghetti sauce. This might be one of the oldest ideas in the book, but it is still sweet and simple. Get a can of Prego spaghetti sauce and make a cute little sign that says, “We’re Prego”. You could also take a picture of you and your spouse sitting down to a nice spaghetti dinner with a can of Prego between the two of you.

Now pick one of these fun ideas and get to work! Remember it doesn’t have be something that takes a lot of time, money, and talent. It will be perfect no matter how you do it. Make sure that you save a copy for yourself in a safe place, so you can remember this special time and show it to your little one when they are older.

I want to personally congratulate you on beginning the process of growing a little human inside your body (has it hit you yet how incredible that is???). Being a mom is one of the most rewarding experiences you’ll ever have. I wish you the best of luck on this incredible journey!

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2 thoughts on “10 Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy

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Lacey Pappas

You are SO welcome! Congratulations!


Alex Jennigns

Great article! My wife and I have been trying to decide how to announce her pregnancy, so I’m glad that I stumbled upon your post! I think you’re absolutely right: there are a million different ways on how to announce the pregnancy; that’s why it’s so hard to decide! I really like your scrabble method. I’ll show this to my wife later. Thanks for sharing this with us—it’s been very helpful.