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11 Ways to Bond With Baby Before Birth

May 8, 2018

Every pregnancy is different, and the ways that you bond with your baby before she’s born will be too. Whether pregnancy makes you feel like Super Woman, or it’s really difficult, there are always ways to bond. Below are eleven ways to bond with baby before birth. We hope that they’re helpful, and help you to enjoy your pregnancy journey!

1. Talk/Sing it Out

Talking to your baby bump may seem a little weird at first, but it can be a really effective way to bond. Especially if you’re on bed rest and have to minimize other activities. Just talk about your day, how excited you are to meet your babe, etc. And have your partner be involved too. Or sing your favorite songs, if that’s your thing.

2. Document Your Bump

Whether it’s weekly or monthly, or shared on social media or kept private, documenting your bump is a great way to get excited about your pregnancy. You could even create a photo book to share with your baby once she’s born.

3. Find Your Favorite Pregnancy App

A great way to feel connected to your baby and pregnancy is to track your pregnancy’s progress through a pregnancy app. It can help you better visualize your baby and know how big she is, and what milestones are happening in utero. You can also upload monthly photos of yourself to track your progress.

4. Display Your Ultrasound Photos and Videos

Technology is amazing, and there are so many great ways to document your child’s development. Try displaying photo stills from your ultrasound, or watch the video of it on your computer at work. That way you can notice all of the miraculous things your baby is doing while she’s growing, and it’s a constant reminder that you are the participant in something pretty incredible.

5. Create a Keepsake

Maybe it’s a mold of your belly, or a sketch of your pregnant body. Or unique artwork created from the sound waves of your baby’s heartbeat. Regardless of what you choose, having a keepsake can help you bond with your baby.

6. Go to Yoga

Pregnancy yoga is a great way to get in touch with your body and your baby. It’s also a great way to relax and create a calm environment for your unborn child. Creating a meditative space can be so healing and bonding as you seek to connect with your child. And this can be especially helpful for a difficult pregnancy because it can help ease anxiety and depression. [Though please talk to your doctor or midwife IMMEDIATELY if you are having harmful thoughts.]

7. Keep a Journal

Writing is another great way to document your pregnancy and also to bond with your baby. You can write about your hopes for your baby, about the kind of mom you want to be, anything that speaks to you. You can hand write everything out, or even dictate it to Siri. But it’s something you and your child can look back on with fondness. This is another great way to involve your partner as well.

8. Massage Your Bump

Taking time to personally (or have your partner or a professional) rub your belly can be therapeutic and restorative. Rubbing oils into your skin can help its elasticity, and create more comfort for you, which will help baby feel more comfortable too.

9. Listen to Music Together

Whether it’s classical music or your favorite pop song, listening to music with your unborn baby can be a bonding experience. Get an earphone splitter, and put over-the-ear earphones on your bump, and use your favorite set for yourself. And enjoy the collective experience.

10. Take a Bath

This is another great way to slow down and reconnect with your body and baby. (Make sure it’s a warm bath, not a hot one.) Take time to breathe, to be still. Baby can sense when you’re happy and relaxed, and so try to create moments for yourself where this is possible.

11. Respond to Movements

When your baby kicks or rolls, try to respond to the movements with soft touches and a soft voice. By acknowledging your baby, there can be a special communication and bond that can develop. It’ll help you feel more connected to your baby and yourself.

What are some of the ways you’ve bonded with your baby before birth?

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