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12 Baby Essentials That People Frequently Forget About

July 7, 2015

You’ve made your list, you’ve created a registry and you have baby Pinterest boards galore. Even with all of that, many people find there are some baby essentials they frequently forget about. Make sure you have these 12 baby essentials. Trust us, you’ll be glad you had these ‘can’t-live-withouts’ on your list!

  1. Boppy Nursing Pillow – Whether you bottle feed or breast feed, a Boppy Nursing Pillow is a necessity during feeding times, especially during the first few months. Plus, you’ll find many other uses for the Boppy as your baby grows, like helping with tummy time.
  1. Nail clippers or a nail file – Keep those finger nails at bay and from scratching up that adorable little face. You can pick up grooming sets or kits that include a nail file and nail clippers at any baby store, or stores like Target. Here are two sets to look at from Babies R Us (which you can purchase online, too, of course):
  1. Bulb syringe – Babies have tiny little nostrils and giant boogers. Yes, it’s kind of gross… but true, and when baby has a cold, you need some help clearing their nasal passages so they can breathe a little easier. A bulb syringe is a must. In fact, the hospital may give you one or two when you and your little one are discharged. (Tip: The hospital bulb syringes seem to work better than the generic ones purchased at Target or other stores. Definitely ask for one before you leave the hospital!)

One alternative to the traditional bulb syringe is the Nose Frida, a nasal aspirator. You can find a Nose Frida at stores like Target or Buy Buy Baby. Some moms are totally grossed out at the thought of “sucking” the snot from the baby’s nose, but rest assured—there is a built-in stop in the tube that prevents any of that nasal congestion (you know, snot) from making its way into your mouth. The Nose Frida has a 4.8 out of 5 stars rating on target.com from nearly 729 reviews—that’s a good sign!

  1. Thermometer – One of the hardest parts of parenting is watching your little one get sick and fight an illness. Be prepared with a thermometer so you can track your baby’s illness. It’s especially important to watch the temperature in babies under three months. Consult your pediatrician about when he or she wants you to seek medical advice when your baby has a fever.

Some highly rated thermometers to look at include:

  1. Humidifier – Humidifiers are for both sick and healthy babies! This is an item you’ll use for long after the infant period, so you’ll get your money’s worth 10 times over. Crane makes some of the cutest humidifiers, including this penguin-shaped one.
  1. Extra crib sheets and mattress pads – You’ve decorated the nursery just perfectly, including a matching crib sheet and skirt. It looks perfect! But, babies are messy and chances are you’ll have a leaky diaper (or blowout!) or major spit-up in that beautiful crib. Be prepared! Make sure to have an extra sheet (or two) and mattress pad on hand for middle-of-night emergency bedding changes.
  1. Nursing pads – Stock up on nursing pads for the first few months of your little one’s life. Use nursing pads to prevent milk leakage (you don’t want it going through your shirt!), especially while your body is figuring out how much milk it needs to be producing, or when you’re engorged.

You can choose disposable nursing pads, like these from Lansinoh (they are very highly rated), or reusable pads, which you just throw in the wash after each use and can re-wear time and time again. Tip: If you go the disposable route and plan to use nursing pads for a while, signing up for Amazon’s Subscribe and Save option (more on Amazon later) may save you some money.

  1. Petroleum jelly or Vaseline – If you have a baby boy and plan to circumcise, your doctor may recommend using Vaseline (or generic petroleum jelly) in the dressing or bandaging inside your baby’s diaper. Petroleum jelly will help prevent your baby’s penis, which will be especially sensitive following the procedure, from sticking to the diaper. Most drugstores, such as Rite Aid or DuaneReade, will carry both the name brand product (Vaseline) as well as a generic brand of petroleum jelly, which will usually save you a little money.
  1. Toothbrush for cradle cap – Cradle cap (which is formally known as “infantile seborrheic dermatitis”) is a skin condition often found on top of babies’ heads, most commonly a yellow or brown scaly or flakey skin. To treat cradle cap, you use a brush to loosen and remove the skin flakes. Lacey included a toothbrush on her list of must-haves to treat her infant’s cradle cap, which is a great tip! Some hospitals send you home with a brush specifically for cradle cap, which works well, too. You can order a set of two brushes here or call your local Buy Buy Baby to see if the set is in stock. (Tip: Most all baby stores will carry this or a similar product. You can even try Lacey’s toothbrush tip and save yourself a trip to the store and a few dollars.)
  1. Infant acetaminophen – Always consult your pediatrician with specific dosage and usage questions about giving your baby acetaminophen, but it’s something you’ll want to have on hand ahead of time. Save yourself the stress and late-night trip to the store. You can find infant acetaminophen at drugstores, like Walgreens or Rite Aid.
  1. Good bottles – Not just bottles—good bottles. You’ll save yourself, your space and your caretaker a lot of stress and frustration by getting baby set up with the best bottle for him or her. Unfortunately, there isn’t one bottle that works for every baby. You’ll find that every baby has his or her own preference and may eat better from one bottle over another. So, how do you prepare for this? Rather than buying a full supply of one brand of bottles that you may end up not needing because your baby hates them, test them out first. Do this by purchasing one bottle from a few different styles and brands (or, borrow and sanitize them from friends who may use different types of bottles). See which bottle your baby prefers and which bottle he or she eats from best, and then buy a full supply of that brand.

A few popular brands of bottles to consider:

  1. Subscription to Amazon Prime and Amazon Mom – Any new mom can attest to the fact that getting out of the house with a new baby can be a challenge. Simplify things and order online—and delivered in two days, thanks to Amazon Prime! You may get to know your UPS or FedEx delivery person well. Be sure to check out Amazon Mom, too, for deals on diapers and wipes (all delivered to your front door on auto-ship, if you choose, so you don’t even have to worry about forgetting to buy diapers!).

Tell us: what were your must-have, cant-live-without essentials that youve found many people forget about?

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This post is fantastic, and reminded me of a lot of things I had been meaning to get but keep putting off. Thank you!