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13 Creative and Baby-Friendly Holiday Traditions For Your Family

December 14, 2016

One of the best parts of parenthood is creating magical holidays for your kids. Seriously, the magic totally returns when you’re creating it for your children and will make you just as excited for the holidays as your kids. And even if your kids are little, even if it’s baby’s first Christmas, it’s never too early to start family traditions that they’ll remember forever.

Here are 13 Creative and Baby-Friendly Holiday Traditions For Your Family.

Baby-Proof a Christmas Tree

Those shiny ornaments and blinking lights are going to be a temptation no matter what. So rather than forbid baby from going near the tree, find a kid-friendly tree and use shatter-proof ornaments without hooks so baby can’t get hurt. Even if it’s a separate tree for their own room, they will absolutely love this tradition.

Read 12 Books of Christmas

Visit your library or purchase your own favorite holiday books, wrap them individually, and open one each day of the 12 days of Christmas to read to your little one(s). With time you will develop favorites and hear shrieks of delight when one is unwrapped.

Have a Cookie Party

Baby can even just sit in a high chair and watch or eat frosting while you make and decorate Christmas cookies. It won’t be long before they can help, or try to help, by spreading frosting with a spoon or adding some sprinkles or other toppings.

Celebrate Christmas Adam

Why limit the fun to 2 days? The day before Christmas Eve is Christmas Adam, of course. Create a fun tradition for this day, such as opening presents from grandparents and sleeping together in the living room by the tree. Watch a movie, like Elf, every year on this day and always order pizza. Make it memorable and enjoyable, and your kids will love this unique tradition every year.

Designate a Holiday-Only Restaurant

Choose a restaurant that you don’t frequent very often but enjoy, and designate it as the holiday restaurant that you’ll only visit during the holidays. It can be a dine-in restaurant or fast-food, doesn’t matter. Maybe you could stop by after you pick your tree or see the lights.

Start a Countdown Tradition

Creating an advent calendar is a must, and you can adapt it as the kids get older. For example, when they’re young it can be as simple as opening a little door that represents the day, but as they get older it can incorporate holiday-related activities, such as making hot chocolate, or going caroling. Pinterest is full of adorable DIY advent calendars.

Visit Santa

DUH! Even if only for the most-likely crying picture you’ll get out of it, you’ve gotta introduce them to the magic of Santa while they’re young.

Create a Yearly Ornament

This one gets more and more special as the years go on. It can be as simple as taking a picture and putting it an ornament with a frame, or making salt dough ornaments to help you remember how tiny those adorable hands and feet were. You could get one that best represents that year of your life, maybe a graduation hat, a new baby, a new dog, a fun trip, etc.

See the Lights and Sights

Even if you don’t put up outdoor lights yourself, drive around to see the extravagant ones in your neighborhood or city. There are usually city events that involve a light show or the lighting of a big tree. There are some very talented decorators out there, so show them your support while basking in those warm holiday fuzzy feelings.

Teach Them the Reason for the Season

When all is said and done, Christmas is celebrated for a reason. Teach your kids the meaning. You can get a toy nativity that they can play with and really learn the characters, and then tell them the basic story.  A fun tradition could be to go back in time, eating what may have been eaten back when Mary gave birth to Jesus, maybe a simple salmon, cheeses, crackers, grapes, etc. and read the nativity story by candlelight. This will help teach them the reverent side of Christmas.

Start a Service Tradition

Even if they’re babies, you can bring them along as you serve others during the holidays, and they will always remember this tradition. Some ideas could be 12 days of service/treats for a neighbor, drawing or painting pictures or artwork for a retirement center, or caroling for the neighborhood. If they’re older, you could bring them to work at a soup kitchen or volunteer time at a shelter.

Do a Pre-Christmas Purge

Too many toys can get overwhelming, and cause your kids to have less appreciation for what they have. To prevent this, have an annual toy-purge where they choose toys, books, stuffed animals, coats, etc. that they can donate in order to make room for new toys. This will help teach them the value of service while also helping them appreciate their blessings.

Get some sleep!

Obviously, you won’t have much energy to do any of these traditions without enough rest. Tossing and turning on Christmas Eve is one thing, but during the whole month of December, you’ll need your energy to get out and enjoy all that the holidays have to offer. To help you get a good night of sleep, don’t forget to use your Owlet monitor every night during the holidays, and all year long, so that you can have some peace of mind while your baby sleeps. Don’t have one? Get yours here.

What are some of your favorite holiday traditions?

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