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15 Billion Heart Beats and Counting

March 7, 2016

Owlet has now analyzed more than 15 billion heart beats through the Owlet Monitor. This is an incredible milestone to achieve, and one we want to share with you, along with why it matters.

We are creating the largest infant vitals data that has ever existed. We plan to partner with research institutions around the world to mine this data and improve health outcomes for infants around the world. It’s incredible to think about the possibilities, opportunities, and knowledge that will come from this ever-growing data set.

In honor of National Sleep Awareness Week and to commemorate hitting the 15-billion heart beats analyzed mark, we’re sharing some interesting facts and stats about the Owlet Monitor and sleep-specific data.

15 Billion Heart Beats

National Sleep Awareness Week is an annual observance to raise awareness for the health benefits of sleep and its importance to safety and productivity. At Owlet, we understand the difference between sleep and quality sleep, and hope that parents who use the Owlet Monitor are able to rest assured and get some quality Zzzs in (as much as you can with a little one!). Better sleep means a better day ahead, and more time you can spend and enjoy with your little one. Here’s to better sleep for all!

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