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36 Weeks Survival Guide

March 12, 2015

You’re in the home-stretch. (Me too!) Only 4 weeks to go (or, could it be earlier than the due-date?!)! Doctor appointments should be weekly, as you and baby both gear up for labor. While you wait anxiously for the weeks to pass, here’s a suggested Survival Guide to get you through the rest of your pregnancy:

Schedule a Hair Appointment
Trust us; who knows what your schedule will be like once a newborn is here. And, don’t you want to feel extra pretty for all those post-baby photos?

Schedule a Date Night
Schedule one final date night sans baby. You could dine at that restaurant you’ve been dying to try. Go see a movie. Or, go buy baby’s take-home outfit together if you already haven’t purchased something.

Take a Night Off. Alone.
If you’ll be breastfeeding your baby, chances are, they will be at your side 24/7 for a very long while. Take advantage of being able to go somewhere. Alone. We may even venture to Target to pick-up those last minute items:
•    New pajamas for the hospital
•    Lotion that smells good to help calm you before labor
•    Cute socks or slippers
•    Nipple cream
•    Nipple pads
•    A stool softener
•    Underwear for post-baby
•    Yoga pants or “comfy pants” for post-baby

While you’re out, get pampered with a pedicure! You know you’ll want your toes to look nice, right?!

Family Day
With a new baby comes a lot of changes, especially if you have other kids. Schedule a family day where no chores, work, smartphones are allowed, and go do something FUN! Seeing a movie, going bowling, swimming, or to the local museum are just some ideas. Whatever you end up doing, make some good family memories; your kids will love it! (You will too.)

If you are able to, go to bed earlier than you normally do. Staying healthy before you have the baby is important, and sleep is a big factor in keeping you that way. Even an extra 30min-1 hour will help! Once baby comes, you’ll be wishing for those chances where you could’ve caught up on some Zzzz’s.

What else would you add to the list?

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