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4 Month Sleep Regression

August 1, 2015

Well… it happened. My baby has officially gone through a 4-month sleep regression.

I was the one who had the baby who slept through the night early on. She has always been a great sleeper. But, starting about 2 weeks ago, she was waking up a lot more in the night. I found myself Googling, “How long should you swaddle a baby?” And, “How to wean a baby from swaddling?” When I would swaddle her, she would fall asleep within minutes of being rocked to sleep. But, now when she is swaddled, she grunts, cries, and absolutely hates it. She is even able to escape the swaddle!


So, instead of using the Swaddlers, I have started using Swaddle blankets. But, those didn’t work either.

I asked my friends if their babies went through something similar. I then heard back from a friend that recommended using this product that she used for her baby to help her move away from the swaddle but keep her hands not be able to go too crazy! So… I tried it (note- baby is flat on her back with no extra bedding in her crib):


And guess what? She slept through the night just like she used to!

Then, night 2 happened: she woke up twice.

Then, night 3: she woke up four times.

Night 4? We stopped using the Magic Sleep Suit, as it seemed the magic had worn off.

Not only is she waking up more at night, she won’t stay asleep in the evening. I try and do bedtime around 8:00 pm by doing a bath, nursing her, so she’s full, read a bedtime story, sing to her, and put her down. But, she’ll wake up 45 minutes later. This happens two more times before she has a long stretch of sleep.

AND, then there are naps. It takes me a lot longer to put her down for a nap now. But, once she is asleep, she won’t wake back up like she normally did.

So, as you can see, everything she was doing before has totally changed!

I keep reading articles that once a  sleep regression happens, it is most likely how a baby will now sleep. WHAAT?! I am way too tired to allow this to happen! So, I’ve tried to be patient with her and try what works. This is what I do know:

She no longer likes to be swaddled.

She no longer likes to sleep in her Rock ‘N Play Sleeper.

She still is soothed by white noise and nursing.

So, now I am working on a plan to get her back to sleeping better:

During the day I am working on not giving her too many naps while we are out on the go with her two older brothers. Then, at bedtime, I am going to continue to have a routine and stick to it: bath time, read a book, nurse, sing songs, and rock her to sleep where she’ll lay on her back in her crib.

Have any of your babies been through a 4-month sleep regression? What helped you and baby get through it?


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