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4 Reasons You Need an Owlet Under the Christmas Tree

November 28, 2016


Christmas anticipation is one of the best feelings in the world. Every new sign that it’s coming closer – colder nights, some frost in the morning, Christmas decorations beginning to appear on store shelves – just makes you feel giddy. Then the radio starts playing Christmas songs and you just can’t help but smile, right?

Make that holiday cheer last year round by giving an Owlet this Christmas, and you will see a whole new meaning to those Christmas carols you sing, as your life with a baby will be changed forever. Here are four reasons you need an Owlet under your Christmas tree this year:

1. “Peace on Earth…”

… and in the nursery. No more sneaking into your baby’s room every half hour to check on them, and of course, wake them up. No more staring at their chest intently, holding your own breath, to make sure you can see theirs. Because the Owlet gives you a live stream of your baby’s oxygen levels, right on your smartphone, so you can have some peace of mind this holiday season.

2. “A beautiful sight, we’re happy tonight…”

…seeing baby’s live readings on your screen.

That’s right; the Owlet gives you actual data about your baby’s health. The Owlet uses clinically-proven technology, called pulse oximetry, to measure your baby’s heart rate and oxygen level, and sends that information to the app, which displays their heart rate and oxygen saturation in real-time. So you are empowered with actual information about your baby rather than relying on sounds or sight alone. Seeing that glowing app screen before you fall asleep will soon be the most beautiful sight you’ll see before bed.

3. “Sleep in Heavenly Peace.”

You’ll never hear the words, “silent night, holy night,” the same again. Sleeping in peace, without constant waking with worry, is one of the most-loved benefits of the Owlet Monitor. Because not only does Owlet allow parents to get more sleep, but restful sleep. The Owlet monitor notification system is designed to send both an audible siren-sounding notification and also a color-change in the Base Station if baby’s heart rate or oxygen levels fall out of the preset range. For convienience, Owlet is also designed to send notifications to your smartphone.  If a parent sleeping soundly through the night isn’t considered sleeping in “heavenly peace,” I don’t know what is.

4. “Santa baby, slip an Owlet under the tree…”

Forget that! You don’t need to be begging and seducing Santa to bring you an Owlet or hurrying him down the chimney because Owlet offers payment plans! Listen, we get it. You’ve got a lot of gifts, decorations, party supplies, food, and other holiday-related things on your shopping list to buy. Not to mention just the expenses that comes along with having a baby. From strollers and car seats to never-ending diapers, babies are not cheap. That’s why Owlet offers financing so parents can have an Owlet monitor starting at $22 per month by financing through Affirm. You can also add Owlet to your baby registry through BabyList so your friends and family can contribute together toward the best present you’ll ever get.

Make Christmas morning extra special this year by buying an Owlet for the parents in your life. They’ll be singing your praises, or singing modified Christmas songs, all-yearlong when they discover the peace-of-mind and restful sleep that comes with their Owlet Monitor. (And, psst… click here to order your Owlet.)


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