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5 Incredible Baby Safety Products

September 28, 2016

I still remember the excitement I felt when I registered for baby items for my first child. It was exciting, but also overwhelming because it was difficult to wade through all of the brands and options that were available, especially regarding baby safety products. Technology also progresses so fast, it’s hard to keep up. (Which isn’t a bad problem to have). Today, I’m sharing 5 incredible baby safety products that are perfect for any registry.5 incredible baby safety products image

1. Kinsa Smart Ear Thermometer ($50)

This thermometer is the best! It takes an accurate temperature reading in ONE SECOND and connects to your phone via Bluetooth. It’s gentle enough to use on a sleeping (or a squirming) baby, at the push of a button.

2. Munchkin Luna Baby Gate (From $180)

Munchkin makes a fantastic line of baby gates that suit multiple needs. This particular gate features a motion-activated LED light, an easy push to close door, plus Munchkin’s TurnKey Mounts, to ensure seamless installation. You can also choose your gate width, ensuring the perfect fit. The gate can open two ways when mounted in a doorframe, and one way when mounted atop stairs.

3. Evenflo Advanced Embrace DLX Infant Car Seat with SensorSafe ($149)

This car seat incorporates a “smart” chest clip into its design that syncs to a wireless receiver, and provides notifications through a series of gentle tones. These tones remind the driver when the chest clip is unbuckled during transit, and also reminds the driver that the baby is still in his seat after you arrive at your destination.

4. Hangman Anti-Tip Kit ($11)

Admittedly, this pick isn’t as “sexy” as some of the others, but it’s really important, okay? Heavy furniture and TVs are a huge safety hazard to children. This kit enables you to secure these items (up to 400 lbs.) to the wall, minimizing the risk of injury. This particular set is made with high-grade galvanized airplane steel cable and steel components and is tamper resistant.  

5. Owlet Baby Monitor ($249)

Obviously, the Owlet has to be on this list! It is the first commercial product to use pulse oximetry technology to track your infant’s heart rate and oxygen levels while they sleep, in the form of a comfy, safe sock. The Owlet is designed to sound an alert if your child’s heart rate goes too high or too low, as well as if their oxygen levels dip below a preset level. It syncs to your smartphone via WIFI, as well as to a base station. In all seriousness, it’s kind of really amazing.  

What are some of your favorite baby safety products?


-Contributed by Lauren Soderberg


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The Smart Sock is the first baby monitor to track your baby’s oxygen level and heart rate—good indicators of Baby's overall well-being—while they sleep. If your baby’s readings leave preset zones, you'll receive a notification that lets you know your baby really needs you. Now you can feel more confidence, more freedom, and more peace of mind knowing that Owlet is here to help.

Our all-new Smart Sock is the third of its kind and it's smarter than ever.

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