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5 Tips To Make Traveling With a Baby Easier

March 22, 2016

It’s March Madness this month, but at Owlet, we’re all about making your life easier and that’s why on our blog it’s MOM HACK MARCH. Hilarye from Dotting the Map is guest posting today to share tips + hacks for traveling with a baby.

5 Tips To Make Traveling With a Baby Easier

Travel does not have to end when you have a baby. In fact, traveling with a baby can be easy and rewarding! Before they learn to crawl and run are for sure the easiest times to bring along your sweet little mini-me. Due to an amazing corporate job at an airline and a shared love for exploring the world, my oldest had been on 70 flights before she turned a year old and visited many countries. Here are some helpful tips I have picked up along the way that has made traveling with a baby easier.

1. On the Airplane

By far the most questions I get asked are from people traveling on an airplane for the first time with their babies. We have ALL heard the horror stories about babies screaming for hours on airplanes annoying passengers. The truth is those times are rare. You will be fine. Wear baby through the airport to breeze through security and have hands free. Nursing on airplanes is completely acceptable and encouraged. In fact please nurse, or feed baby a bottle during take-off and landings to help with those tender ears. Check with your doctor beforehand for dosage but always have infant tylenol with you just in case. You likely won’t need it. And lastly pack a few diaper packs for the airplane- a diaper, few wipes, and rash cream in a little ziplock bag. Airplane bathrooms are impossibly small and you don’t want to be fumbling with a bulky diaper bag in there while changing baby!

2. Feeding Baby on the Go

I’m so in love with all the fun things they have available now that they did not even six years ago when my first was a baby! Baby food pouches are one of the best inventions and so handy on airplanes, road trips, and just everyday life really. In fact they make little spoons that attach on to the pouches now (like these) that are life-changing.

If you are bottle feeding and about to head on an airplane stop by the closest Starbucks (on the other side of security) and fill your bottle with hot water before boarding a good 45 minutes before you’ll want it because water will be hot and it will be the perfect temperature when needed. Don’t forget to pack your favorite baby snacks like puffs and yogurt melts! They are a must for keeping baby happy!

3. Vacation Tips

I am ALL about my beach vacations. Seriously, there is nothing better. But sand and infants? Not really the best combination. There are so many awesome hacks for this so please don’t discount a beach vacation if you have a tiny baby. One of my favorites is to pick up a kiddie pool and bring it to the beach with you. I personally like the inflatable ones because they are soft and fold up in my suitcase. I like to place it under an umbrella and voilà, instant sand-free playpen, bed, or holding spot for baby. Also make sure you sunscreen baby before you get to beach because if he/she gets sandy it’s almost impossible to get a good coat.

4. Helping Baby Sleep in New Places

When baby is super young they likely will not notice they are sleeping in a new place. However, when they get a little older they do start to notice and we learned a few tricks to help ease the transition. If you are bringing your own portable crib you can practice having them sleep in it a few nights at home if your baby has never slept in it before. This can help get them used to it and may make it easier when you are putting them to bed for the first time in a hotel. Also, pack a few comfort items with you that remind them of home, like a blanket or stuffed animal.

5. Dealing With Jet Lag

We all know that when we travel across time zones the best thing we can do is try to stay up and get on the new schedule immediately. This works great with older kids and adults but babies not so much. Babies and toddlers are notorious for becoming overtired and overstimulated and for having a really rough time getting to sleep if they are TOO tired. It’s really a delicate balance. With babies we need to gently ease them in to the new schedule, and honestly if it’s not a major time difference like 1-2 hours just keep them on their normal schedule, you may be waking up a little bit early but make the most of it and get an early start to your day. If it is a major time zone difference let them nap but cut it short and start easing them in to the new schedule.

Traveling can be a fantastic bonding experience with your baby and is completely doable and mostly enjoyable! It will never be perfect as you are dealing with a tiny human-being, but it is worth it!

What are some of your favorite travel tips for traveling with an infant?

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