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5 Trick-or-Treating Safety Tips for Your Family

October 29, 2021

Trick-or-treat safety doesn’t have to overshadow the fun of collecting goodies around your neighborhood. In fact, Halloween safety and Halloween fun go hand in hand! Check out our quick tips to keep your family safe while trick-or-treating.

Stay visible

Once the sun sets, the fun begins! But as you go house to house keep in mind that you still need to stay visible to cars and other trick-or-treaters. A simple solution is to carry a flashlight or wear a headlamp. The extra light will help you navigate curbs, steps, and other obstacles, while also ensuring that drivers know you’re out and about. Improve your visibility to others and add some reflective tape to your candy bag or the back of your costume.

Stay in a group

Comparing candy hauls and sharing in the spooky spirit is what Halloween is all about. And staying in a group also helps keep everyone safe. Especially when small children are involved, it’s important to have no more than 2 kids per adult. Make sure everyone who sets out to trick-or-treat with you also ends the night with you and never split up or leave the group without first discussing it. 

Keep your phone charged

Halloween safety 101 includes a fully charged phone. Each adult in your group should keep their phone on and charged. Even if you’re in an area you know well and feel comfortable in, you may still need to call for help or simply call other members of your group.

Make a plan

While no one expects something to go wrong, things do happen! Before you set out for the night, discuss what your group is doing to address Halloween safety and what to do in the event that someone gets sick or injured. Go over your rules: stay visible, stay with the group, etc. Don’t wait until you’re 20 houses into your trick-or-treat journey to decide what to do if someone gets cold or tired or simply wants to call it a night early. 

Inspect your candy bag

It’s always a good idea to do a quick once-over of your candy before digging in. Check the expiration date and make sure everything in the bag is actually edible. Some houses give out prizes like stickers or toys, and young children can mistake those items for candy. Look out for any candy that poses choking hazards for little ones, like hard gumballs, and put those aside. And if you or your child have any food allergies, pay special attention to the labels and ingredients of each piece of candy before you eat it. 


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