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Apps for Documenting Baby’s First Year

March 15, 2016

I don’t know about you, but ever since becoming a mom, I’ve gone a little overboard documenting my children. Thankfully, there are a myriad of apps that allow me to do so digitally so that I can share information with my family and close friends who live far away. And since I love to share my discoveries, I’ve rounded up six of the best apps for documenting your baby’s first year. Let’s get started.


App Cost: Free (Photo books start at $8)

Platform: Android | iOS

Chatbooks allows you to make a custom photo book (from 30-366 photos, one photo per page) directly from your phone, Instagram, Facebook or computer. Each photo is automatically arranged in chronological order, and you can add and edit captions, search by hashtag, move photos and pick your own cover. You can also sign up for an ongoing book series, which notifies you when you get close to 60 new photos. It provides a cost-effective and streamlined way to digitally scrapbook all of your child’s milestones.


App Cost: Free (In-app purchases available)

Platform: iOS

FirstYear provides an easy way to track your baby’s daily activities as they come along. All events can be easily logged on your iPhone or iPad. FirstYear boasts a note-taking feature that can track feedings, diaper changes, sleep, activities, development milestones and sickness. It provides an at-a-glance review of your child’s well being through detailed reports, and allows you to share progress with family and friends. FirstYear also privately stores your information in online folders.


App Cost: Free (In-app purchases available)

Platform: Android | iOS

Lifecake creates a contiguous visual timeline that is easily searchable. You can zoom in on a specific age, as well as compare different stages of your child’s life seamlessly. You can upload photos and videos from Dropbox, Facebook, Picasa and Instagram, and share them privately with family and friends. Followers of your account will receive automatic updates when new information is shared, and photo books can be created on your computer and purchased for an additional fee.

Moment GardenMoment Garden

App Cost: Free (Can purchase photo books, etc. for an additional fee)

Platform: Android | iOS

With Moment Garden, you can capture stories, photos and videos and privately share them with the people who matter most. Only the people you invite can see the information you post, and all of your data is saved and backed up. You can also opt to receive milestone suggestions based on your child’s age. Signing up is free, but you can order photo books, magnets, mugs and more for an additional cost.


App Cost: Free

Platform: iOS

Tweekaboo makes it easy to timeline your baby’s and family’s moments and share them privately with the people you choose. You can import moments (including comments) from Facebook, Instagram and Dropbox, as well as create a timeline for each of your children. You can tag specific events and track every milestone. All of your information is backed up in the Cloud, and you can create heirloom-quality baby books in minutes. You can also email updates to family and friends.

How are you planning to, or how are you currently, documenting your baby’s first year?

—Contributed by Lauren Soderberg

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