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8 Owlet Cam Features to Get Excited About

November 15, 2021

The Owlet Cam baby video monitor is a smart, safe way to keep an eye on your baby and their sleep environment. And it’s packed with features that make keeping an eye on your baby even easier. Check it out!

Stream HD video from anywhere

Your smartphone is now your baby monitor! Stream HD video directly to your phone and check on your baby from anywhere. Gone are the days of the outdated, blurry handheld baby monitors—the Cam is the future of baby monitoring.

Background audio

Turn on the background audio for the Cam and go back to your using your phone however you want. You’ll hear what’s going on in baby’s room even after you close the app, so you won’t miss a thing.

Sound & motion notifications

Instantly know when you need to check on your baby with sound and motion notifications sent directly to your phone. Get a push notification that notifies you to sound or motion being detected in your baby’s room so you can open your app and see if Baby is just moving around in their sleep, or if they’re awake and need your attention. This saves you from having to sneak into your baby’s room to see if they’re awake or not.

Status light

The status light on your Cam tells you when the device is connected and when a user is accessing the Cam. It’s a helpful way to know at a glance the status of your Cam. To turn the status light on or off, open your Owlet App and click on the Account tab, then choose the Cam under My Owlet Devices; scroll down the page and toggle on and off the status light.

Multiple users

The beauty of the Owlet Cam is that your smartphone is the monitor, which means multiple users can log in and view baby at the same time. No need to keep track of and charge bulky receivers—just share your login and mom, dad, grandma, and the babysitter can all keep an eye on your little one right from their phones.

Zoom function

Unlike other video baby monitors, your Owlet Cam has the ability to zoom while maintaining a crystal-clear image. The simple pinch-to-zoom feature lets users zoom in 4x on any area of the screen to get an up-close look at baby and their sleep environment.

Temperature sensor

Did you know that babies sleep better in an environment with cooler temperatures? The ideal sleeping environment for babies is between 68 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit. The cable on the Cam has a built-in temperature sensor that displays the temperature in Fahrenheit on the home screen of the Owlet App. No more guessing whether baby’s room might be too hot or too cold.

Cable guards

Your Owlet Cam comes standard with innovative power cord cable guards that snap over the monitor cords to keep them tethered to the wall and away from little ones. The cable guards make the Owlet Cam the safest baby camera on the market because the cords are completely covered end to end. Loose monitor power cords are hazardous and pose a strangulation risk. For more information on how to use your cable guards visit our help desk for instructions and a video.

We’re constantly making updates to the Owlet app so make sure you’re using the latest version of the app to enjoy all the Cam features.

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18 thoughts on “8 Owlet Cam Features to Get Excited About



I couldn’t agree more. I don’t want to have to change my password after giving out the info every time I have a sitter. And I don’t want sitters to have unfettered access to the camera in my child’s room but more over the microphone that often picks up sound outside my child’s room.


Hi Carl, this isn’t in development right now but we’d be happy to let our team know of your interest!


Hey Ali! Yes, the Cam has a two-way audio feature.


Thanks so much for your feedback! We’d be happy to share this with our team!



Can you speak into your phone and the child hear you on the camera?


Mike Clemen

Multiple Users is great, but Owlet needs a Temp/Guest login feature so you can provide temporary login to babysitters. I prefer to not allow any babysitter the ability to log in whenever they want (and I don’t know if/when they lose their phones or get hacked). I want control of when and how long they have access. Babysitters are not family, and sometimes you have to make changes or have multiple babysitters.


Carl Rubel

Is Apple TVOS support in development?


Hi Kate, there isn’t a feature like this available but you can just change the password or log in and out on their phone when you want to give them access.



Is it possible to give other users such as babysitters limited access to the app so they can only use it for the duration of their time watching our little one and not when they are not at our home? It seems strange that someone outside our family could log in anytime they chose to see our child.


Hi Samantha, please call our team at (844) 334-5330, Monday-Sunday from 7 am – 10 pm, MST and they’ll look right into this for you.


Hi Shannon, sound and motion notifications are not yet available but they will be! Make sure to keep an eye out for them in the coming months.


Hi Kriste, sound and movement notifications will be added to the Cam in the future. Make sure to keep an eye out!


Hi Rachel, the Owlet Cam does not have an additional monitor. You can place the audio on “background” and this will allow you to keep the app running in the background or even have your screen off and hear the audio still.



Expensive, but I’ll see if it’s worth it.


Samantha C

My owlet cam has not been working. We see the feed for at most 5 minutes then it freezes and says it’s offline. Once we restart the app it works again for a few minutes then freezes and disconnects again. I am very frustrated because we just moved our baby to his own room and began using the camera feature.. whenever I wake up in the middle of the night it is frozen. We have sent an email and never heard back. Would love a response or feedback from other people with the same problem.


Shannon Tyllia

Can you set up the app so you can have a notification pop up if there is sound or movement detected so you don’t have to keep the app open at all times? It drains my battery… 🙁



Is the owlet cam ever going to have notifications? The sound running in the background or having to load up the app is insanely annoying in the middle of the night.



Do you guys have any compatible monitor type screens that I wouldn’t have to leave my app open on my phone all night to listen in?