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6 stages of pregnancy, as told by puppies

May 23, 2016

Parenting is the scariest and most amazing thing in the world. Soon-to-be parents wait in anticipation of the moment when their little one is born. Often it took some time to get pregnant, which adds to the excitement. Here are 6 familiar stages of pregnancy, as demonstrated by adorable puppies.


Yay! We’re having a baby!



Here’s when reality sets in… as well as morning sickness. Pregnancy is exciting, but it is also nerve-wracking.



You realize that you’re not just going to have a baby, but also you will be a parent. Someone will be depending on you for everything for a long time! Am I responsible enough for this? Who determined that I was qualified for this?

Panicking Puppy - We're going to be parents

Buying Everything Baby

After many sleepless nights, you remember why you wanted a baby in the first place. You will have opportunities to teach and love a little human. Then you think of what their little toes and fingers will look like, and all of the cute things you can buy for your baby. This might lead to spending several hours on Pinterest and online shopping for baby clothes. You reflect on the beautiful aspects of pregnancy as you feel the first movements of the baby.


The Baby Shower

The long-awaited baby shower arrives. You’re excited to spend time with your friends and family and receive all sorts of cute baby gifts. However, you’re sick of the many comments about your size and people constantly wanting to touch your belly.


9 Months Pregnant

The last month of pregnancy is the longest month of your life! You have anxiously awaited for the day that you will be able to bring your sweet baby into the world. You are so excited to meet him or her. Finally, the time is here!



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Catherine Anderson

This is hilarious!! I have so much fun reading this, thank for sharing Amber.