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7 Fun Facts About Baby’s First Month of Life

November 12, 2016

7 Fun Facts About Baby's First Month

Your amazing baby is finally here, and if it felt like pregnancy would never end, get ready for time to shift into turbo-drive as your baby grows faster than a weed.

That little body’s ability to grow and change at such a rapid pace is remarkable, but don’t blink, or you might miss some of these amazing facts about your growing bundle of joy.

  1. Cries differently for different needs. Listen closely when your baby cries, and try to recognize patterns behind the reasons, which could be hunger, discomfort, etc. Learning to understand baby’s cries can make those long days easier and happier for the both of you.

  1. Prefers higher-pitched voices. This is why we change our voices to talk to babies. It’s a learned behavior because it’s how we get a reaction out of babies.
  1. Literally changes your heart. When you and your sweet baby gaze into each other’s eyes, your heart rates will coordinate within seconds, according to a study done at an Israeli university. 
  1. Doesn’t cry tears. That’s right, your baby’s vocal chords may not lack in the distress department, but his/her eyes won’t join the team for a few more months. 
  1. Can see your entire face as one entity rather than separate parts. Babies are born near-sighted and see best within 12 inches; however during the first month of life they will finally be able to put the pieces of your face together to see it as a whole rather than individual parts. 
  1. Have taste buds on the roof and sides of the mouth. Adults, on the other hand have about 3 times fewer taste buds, located primarily on the tongue. 
  1. Head makes up a quarter of their weight. Babies are a big top heavy to begin with, but they’ll even out as they grow. Fortunately those big heads have some soft spots and can handle the bumps and bruises they’ll get as they learn to walk and get around.


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