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7 Questions You May Be Too Embarrassed to Ask About Pregnancy

February 16, 2017

Congratulations! You’re pregnant! If you’ve never been pregnant before, we know you want to know what it is REALLY like. Lucky for you, we’ve got answered 7 questions for you that may be a bit too embarrassing to ask:

1. Will my breasts change during pregnancy?

Yes. Your breasts will change during pregnancy because your milk ducts are growing in preparation for breastfeeding. So, your breasts will become tender and will begin producing colostrum, which is a sweet and watery pre-milk. Your nipples also will change in preparation for your baby, so they’ll become bigger and darker.

2. Will I grow more hair on my body while pregnant?

Maybe. And, your thick, long waves? Well, that may change too. Many pregnant women experience increased estrogen levels that alter the natural hair cycle on their head. This symptom affects every woman differently, which is why some women experience thick and shiny hair and some experience limp, thin hair.

Your hair’s texture may also change either leaving it curly or straight. This is because of the hormones your body makes while pregnant. And, guess what? These hormones also affect the hair on the rest of your body. Androgens, which is a hormone that is increased during pregnancy, are thought to make your hair grow faster, so you may be shaving, waxing or plucking more often.

3. Will I be using the bathroom more while pregnant?

Yes. The extra blood flow in your body while pregnant will make the kidneys produce up to 25% more urine soon after conception. The increased urine production peaks at 9 to 16 weeks of the pregnancy, and then will settle down.

So, visiting the bathroom more isn’t just because of the pressure on the woman’s bladder from the growing uterus.

4. Will I be gassier during pregnancy?

The intestines during pregnancy are sluggish because of all that progesterone circulating in your body. So, yes, the bloating and sometimes painful cramping in your belly, will give you the urge to pass gas often.

5. What is that in my underwear?

Let’s just say, you’ll want to pack an extra pair of underwear with you. You may find that you have pale yellow or sticky white discharge that constantly appears during pregnancy, leaving you in frequent need of new undies. This is caused because of the increased hormones that are produced during pregnancy as well as an increase in vaginal blood flow.

6. My voice does what?

Your voice may change while pregnant and become raspy, and even lower by a couple of octaves, while pregnant. Your hormones are changing so much during pregnancy, especially estrogen and progesterone, which can cause swelling in your vocal cords. So, don’t be surprised if your husband does a double take when you walk in the door saying, “Honey, I’m home!”

7. Are bloody gums a thing when pregnant?

Yes. When brushing your teeth while pregnant, don’t get nervous if you find a bloody toothbrush when you’re done. When you’re pregnant you have extra blood flow to your gums and oral cavity. With all of that extra blood in your gums, they can swell and become more sensitive.

You may suffer one or all of these symptoms while pregnant. If you are concerned about any of these, do not be embarrassed to ask your medical provider. They only want to help you have a comfortable pregnancy, or you could always have your significant other ask for you?!

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