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7 Ways to Make Bed Rest Bearable

February 5, 2018

Bed rest can be prescribed during pregnancy to minimize certain pregnancy complications. Sometimes you might expect that it’s coming because of your medical history; others, it might come after a recommendation from your health care provider. It also varies from woman to woman, so you may find yourself completely confined to your bed, or on some sort of modified rest. And while bed rest is typically not the most desirable thing, it can be used as a time to help prepare for your baby.

Regardless of how extensive your bed rest is, here are seven ways to make bed rest bearable:

1. Binge watch your favorite show

Also known as, “Netflix and chill, for real.” You can either watch an old favorite or find a new show to devote your horizontal time to. Or, go for a movie series marathon. Maybe it’ll be Harry Potter, maybe Lord of the Rings. Or, go more sci-fi with Star Trek or Star Wars. And don’t forget to have a few of your favorite snacks while you’re at it.

2. Story time marathon

This is a good idea if you have other kids at home. Turn your resting time into a big story time marathon with your kids. Have them bring you a big stack of their favorite books and snuggle up for some quality reading time. (And if a little iPad time is thrown in there, I won’t judge you.) Alternatively, you can get a stack of books that you’ve been wanting to read, and have a great personal reading marathon.

3. Develop a new skill

For me, it was embroidery, but you could also learn to crochet, knit, or hone your drawing skills. You can even learn how to code. Since you’re fairly (or entirely) immobile during this time, it’s a great opportunity to seek out an activity that can be done while sedentary.

4. Online shop ’til you drop

While it can be frustrating that you can’t be out and about buying the things you’ll need for your new baby, you can shop online. It’s an effective way to still get the stuff done that you need to get done, without leaving the comfort of your bed or couch. And it can help you feel like you’re still a part of the nesting process. Don’t forget to add in a few post-baby clothing items for yourself, too.

5. Hire someone to clean your house

Since you’re down for the count, and your partner probably needs a break, you can use this opportunity to allow someone else to clean your house. Whether you hire someone to deep clean, or allow family or friends to help serve you, it can give you the peace of mind that your house is getting a nice deep clean before baby arrives.

6. Design a birth announcement for your baby

With all of the online resources available to design birth announcements, you’re pretty much set. Use this time to search for the perfect announcement, or to design your own. You can also go old-school and DIY your own handmade announcements. (This is probably a good idea if you’re not sending out that many, though you can do whatever you feel up for.)

7. Write thank you notes

Bed rest provides a bunch of time to get on top of writing thank you notes. Whether they’re for shower gifts or for random acts of kindness you’ve received during your bed rest, thank you notes are always nice to receive. You can also take the time to write a nice note to your partner about the things you appreciate about them, and express your excitement for your new addition.

Have you ever had to be on bed rest? What are some of the ways you made it bearable? 





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