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8 of the Best Gifts for Mamas-To-Be

April 23, 2018

Mother’s Day is rapidly approaching, and so it’s time to start thinking about gifts. If you’re stumped about what to get your favorite mama-to-be, we’ve got your back. Here are eight of the best gifts for mamas-to-be, in no particular order:

1. Fujifilm Instax Mini 9

An instant camera is a great item to have during the birthing experience. So photos of the mama can be taken during labor, or the first moment where she meets her baby can also be recorded. This is also a fun way to document the baby once she’s born; taking monthly baby photos and then displaying them in something like this is such a fun idea.

2. Diamond Eternity Band

Okay, this is admittedly a little extravagant, but if you’re going more of the “push present” route, this is a gift to consider. Alternatively, get her something personalized, maybe it’s the first initial of her child’s name, or a piece of jewelry that incorporates her baby’s birthstone.

3. A Cute Nursing Bra

Because nursing isn’t sexy. In all seriousness, buying a cute nursing bra for your favorite mama-to-be could really lift her spirits. It’s amazing how much it can help with that physical transition after birth, because we all want to feel comfortable with ourselves, and yes, even a little bit sexy.

4. Almond Supple Skin Oil

Not only is this oil amazing to help prevent stretch marks, but it also can be great to use postpartum. It’s richness melds into the skin and helps soothe it from feeling stretched out or dry. And it smells amazing!

5. Dwell & Slumber Caftan

Getting your favorite future mom a comfortable caftan is another great gift idea. Because she can wear it while pregnant, and then wear it after she has her baby. The simple snaps (or zipper, depending on which style you select) are very nursing friendly, so it’s something she can wear with ease. And, when she’s feeling like an outing, it can easily be knotted at the bottom and dressed up to be worn in public as well.

6. A Soothing Eye Mask

The sleep deprivation that babies bring is so real, so treat your favorite mom with a soothing gel eye mask that she can wear to help alleviate those bags under her eyes. Or the headaches that will most likely ensue.

7. A Mani/Pedi or a Massage

A little self care goes a long way, and it’s hard to think of yourself when you’re caring for a new baby. So another great gift idea is to treat the mama-to-be with a little spa experience, and offer to be with the baby while she’s away.

8. Dinner

Offering to provide a dinner (whether you make it, or if it’s takeout from her favorite place) is a gift that’s a little outside of the box. However, it can sometimes be the most meaningful thing. If you’re her partner, you’re hopefully going to be doing this already, so maybe it’s taking her out to a nice dinner baby-free, once she feels up to it. If you’re her sibling or friend, this can be something that both mama and partner will enjoy. You can even order a meal service for a week or two, if that’s something you think she’d love.

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