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8 Photography Tips for Parents

January 7, 2017


We’d be lying if we said we didn’t have hundreds and hundreds of photos of our little one on our phone or computer. All parents can likely relate. So, whether you’re shooting from your iPhone or actual camera, here are tips to ensure that those hundreds and hundreds of photos look great:

  1. Use natural light

For this one, you’ll obviously need to take pictures during the day time. Find a corner of your house that lets the light in- not the harsh bright light, but the soft reflecting light. Lay your baby down on a cute blanket, or prop them up in their bumbo, and snap the pictures there. Be sure your flash is turned off to get beautiful lighting that will make your photos that much more amazing.

  1. Use your real camera

Do you have a real camera? If so, use it! Keep it in a spot that is easily accessible and snap away. These photos do not have to be for a full-on photoshoot, but rather, everyday moments with your baby that you don’t want to forget.

  1. Take photos of the everyday little things

Play time, feedings, nap-time- all of these activities may seem repetitive and non-important, but trust us, when your baby is 5 years old, these are the times you’ll want to remember. Snap pics of your baby using their bottle. Take a shot of your baby’s eyelashes when they are perfectly still and sleeping. Or get a close up shot when they are chewing on their favorite chew toy. The everyday may seem mundane but years from now they will be cherished memories.

  1. Include mom and dad

It’s easy to snap away and take pictures of your baby all day, every day, but when they are older, they’ll want to see YOU in the pictures with them. Have your significant other and you take turns snapping pics of you with the baby, utilize the timer on your smartphone, or how about a selfie, anyone? The point is that your kids will want to see you taking care of them and smiling with them in these photos.

  1. Take close ups

When your baby is a newborn, all of their features are just so… tiny! When they get home from the hospital, take pictures of their hands, feet, ears, and toes. You won’t believe how much they will change in just a few weeks!

  1. Snap away

Do not be afraid to take as many photos of your baby as you’d like. Remember, the camera you are most likely using is electronic, so it can save many, many images on the device. Go crazy with capturing your baby’s perfect little nose.

  1. Change perspective

When you are taking photos of your baby, try changing perspectives or angles at which you are shooting from. If your baby is laying in their crib, grab a chair to stand on so you can shoot from up high to be able to fit your baby’s whole body into the entire frame.

While your baby is doing tummy time, get down low and right by their face so you can see their sweet expression up close and personal. Get creative with the angles that you take your photos.

  1. Use apps

Nowadays, there are so many great apps to download to enhance your smartphone’s camera. Here are just some suggested apps that can really make your photos pop:

+ Camera Plus Pro ($1.99), especially great for their burst mode option

+ Instagram (free), for the fun filters

+ Adobe Photoshop Express (free), a great editing app that is super easy to use

Now, go ahead, snap away!

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