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8 Things to Do During Your Winter Maternity Leave

December 1, 2017

If you’ve reached your maternity leave and have some time before your baby arrives, congratulations! That means you have some time to enjoy your maternity leave and cross some to-dos off of your list. And, since it’s wintertime, you may need to modify your activities to account for inclement weather. So, here are eight things to do during your winter maternity leave… some fun, and some practical.

1. Keep it snuggly.

Spend a lazy day in bed binge watching your latest Netflix obsession, or cozy up with a great read. Snuggle under the covers with a great cup of hot chocolate, and enjoy spending this cozy time with your partner before baby arrives. Because it’ll be awhile before you can recreate this scenario. Bonus points if you’re in close proximity to a fireplace.

2. Take a lap.

If it’s cold, snowy and wet outside, try going to the mall to take a lap or two. That way, you can do a little window shopping, and still get a little exercise. This is also helpful if you’re overdue and want to try to get contractions to start.

3. Pack your bag.

Trust me, you’re going to want to make sure your hospital bag is ready to go, in the event that you have your baby earlier than you expect. And also because, when the time comes, the last thing you’ll be worried about is what to pack for the hospital. Here’s a great list of hospital bag essentials.

4. Pre-wash your baby’s clothes.

This can be especially fun in the wintertime, because you can get the fireplace going and make the house feel all warm and cozy while you work. Washing all of the clothes makes everything seem more real, and it’s so fun to see all of the tiny little things your baby will wear.

5. Make some freezer meals.

I don’t know about you, but cooking and baking during the winter are always more enjoyable to me. I feel like it makes the house seem more inviting, and it helps satisfy the nesting instinct. Plus, it ensures that you’ll have some meals when baby arrives, which will be much appreciated. This is a great activity to do with your significant other and is another opportunity to hang out with each other before your little one arrives.

6. Plan a sleepover and/or friends night.

Get together some of your besties and have a sleepover. Eat your favorite treats and watch your favorite movies and enjoy not having to keep it down for the kids. If you have kids at home, think about going to a nearby hotel and hosting it there instead. Or just pick your favorite place to eat and have a great time chatting and laughing over yummy food.

7.  Finalize your birth plan.

Talk with your partner, your doctor/midwife and all other parties who will be involved with your child’s birth. Ensure that you know what you want your birth plan to be, and also mentally prepare yourself for “Plan B.” Over an intimate dinner, hash out the specifics with your partner so they can properly advocate for you when it’s time for your to deliver.

8. Relax and enjoy.

Take in all of these precious moments leading up to your baby’s birth. Create special memories with your significant other and other children (if applicable), and enjoy your feelings of anticipation. And remember, you’ve got this!

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