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Disney Characters Describe Putting a Toddler to Bed

June 3, 2016

No child wants to go to bed, but putting a toddler to bed can be a real adventure. Since you’ve probably watched Frozen 27,000 times already, we decided to mix it up a bit with some old Disney favorites. Some of these movies are probably treasures from your childhood. Here are eight scarily accurate representations of the reality of putting a toddler to bed. 

Starting the Bedtime Routine with Your Toddler

Trying to convince your child to put on their pajamas:

Hades disney

When they take off their diaper and streak through the house when you just put their pajamas on:

woody disney

After you lose your temper at your toddler:

thumper disney

When they won’t go to bed, no matter what you do:

Timon disney

When your toddler’s fussing wakes up the baby:

Sadness Disney

Success at Last!

When you tell your spouse of your success in finally putting your child to sleep:

Genie Disney

When your spouse asks how your day was:

cheshire cat disney

It Begins Again…

When your toddler wakes you up in the middle of the night:

mushu disney

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