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8 Ways to Celebrate Dad’s First Father’s Day

8 Ways to Celebrate Father's Day

Becoming a parent for the first time is an amazing (and intimidating) experience. Whether you’ve already had your baby, or are awaiting his or her arrival, here are eight ways to celebrate dad’s first Father’s Day:

Gift Him a Date Night Involving Some of His Favorite Activities

Does the father in your life like movies? Golfing? Laser tag? Plan a date that involves his favorite activities, and don’t forget his favorite food(s). Alternatively, you could recreate your first date or another significant milestone in your relationship.

Get Him and Baby Matching Gear

I come from a staunch baseball family, so the prospect of gifting my husband matching daddy/daughter baseball gloves has always been appealing. If your husband is more of a music guy, you could always get baby a coordinating (yet still child-friendly) instrument.

Find Your Favorite Father-themed Children’s Books

To me, nothing is cuter than watching my husband read to my kids. I like the idea of finding some classic (as well as contemporary) father-themed reads that you can inscribe with a personal note.

Commemorate Your Child With a Keepsake for His Office

I found the coolest prints that translate sound waves into unique, color-customizable art. You can use the sound of your baby’s heartbeat and your voice to create two companion pieces that would look amazing at home, or at the office. And you’ll probably get bonus points if your man is into science.

Go For a Gift With Some Humor

If you’ve just had your baby, this onesie could be a funny gift. Alternatively, you could go for something like this tee, or something else that highlights your baby daddy’s favorite pop culture references.

Get Him the Gift He’s Been Wanting for Awhile

Dad’s first father’s day is the perfect time to spoil him with the gift he’s had his eye on for a while. Maybe it’s an Apple Watch, or a GoPro. Maybe it’s a fancy new camera that he can use to take beautiful baby pictures with. Or maybe one of these… if he’s into pens and all that.

You Can Never Go Wrong with Breakfast in Bed

You just can’t. It’s a classic move that is always appreciated. Especially when it’s accompanied by sleeping in. (Or maybe that’s just me?)

Find a Cool Way to Document Your Parental Journey in Gift Form

Create a custom photo book of your pregnancy/adoption process milestones. Or create a slideshow/movie that achieves the same goals. Alternatively, you could create something that depicts your child’s breakthroughs and triumphs in a format that your significant other will always cherish.


How are you planning on celebrating Father’s Day?


—Contributed by Lauren Soderberg

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