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A Night in the Life of Jaime

January 8, 2016

This is the an installment of Owlet’s “A Night in the Life” series, featuring real parents sharing their experiences with the Owlet Monitor. Click here to see all blog posts in the series.

My name is Jaime and I am the mama of two sweet little girls. Being a mom is one of my greatest joys. My girls are an amazing blessing that I am thankful for every day. Along with all the joys of motherhood there also comes worry and fear.

When my youngest, Claire, was just 25 days old she stopped breathing. After calling 911 and taking her to her doctor they assured us she was fine and that it was just a fluke that could have been caused by anything. As her mama that didn’t sit well with me. It was a terrifying experience. One I never want to have happen again. After that day, I found myself filled with the fear of losing her. So, I set out to find a monitor that would alert us if anything like that ever happened again.

I found exactly what we were looking for in the Owlet!

The Owlet sock tracks her oxygen saturation and her heart beat using pulse oximetry. It is designed to notify me if any of her levels are fall outside of range. I had been putting off transitioning her to her room because of my fears. Since we received the Owlet I’ve been able to transition her to her crib for naps and bedtime with a sense of relief and comfort. I’m no longer hovering over her as she sleeps making sure she is breathing.

One of the things I love most about Owlet is the notification for the sock disconnection is different than the notification when heart rate or oxygen is out of range. We used another monitor prior to the Owlet, and the difference in the effectiveness and sense of relief is like night and day. We don’t receive any false alarms with the Owlet like we did with the prior monitor. One of my other favorite things is the placement. If she happens to fall asleep and hadn’t had a chance to put it on her yet I can easily slip it onto her foot without having to completely undress or wake her in the process.

The Owlet has put my anxiety to rest and has allowed us all to sleep easier. I am so grateful for our Owlet monitor keeping an eye on our little bear. I couldn’t ask for a better peace of mind than knowing my baby girl is safe and sound while we all get some much needed rest.

Jaime is a mom to two living in the Pacific Northwest. Catch up with her on Instagram @littlepeachandbear.

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4 thoughts on “A Night in the Life of Jaime

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Hi Penny, you can purchase Owlet from our website for $249.99. Just follow this link to purchase! https://store.owletcare.com/collections/owlet/products/owlet-vitals-monitor


Penny boven

Where do You buy one of these and how much are they?



Love your story. I’m so excited to get one for my baby coming in July.



Thank you Jaime! Most informative article and peace of mind and comfort when having a new baby. Thank you