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A Night in the Life | Sense of Reassurance

Can I just tell you that each of my pregnancies and newborns all have been so different? As a mom of three, I felt that my previous experience and knowledge with my other babies would help with each new addition. But, the one thing that was always extra difficult for me was the newborn phase.

Although there is nothing like a new baby smell, the way you get to cuddle a sleepy newborn, or staring in awe at how teeny their hands are, the loss of sleep, postpartum blues, and baby-feeding worries are incredibly tough to battle. Loss of sleep, in particular, makes everything 10x harder for me.

I am one of those moms that checks on my babies 5-7 times after they have fallen asleep. I even do the trick where I stare and watch extra closely to make sure they are breathing. And, then I gently put my hand on their back too just to give me that extra sense of reassurance that they are okay.


This round of reassurance not only is annoying to my spouse but exhausting! To redo this cycle after each feeding in the middle of the night makes it so I don’t end up getting much sleep. And, this cycle not only begins when they are newborns, but it continues until my babies are 18 months old!

The Owlet monitor not only has helped ease my sense of anxiety when it comes to my babies sleeping, but it has given me a sense of reassurance that has brought with it a sense of calmness. I can actually sleep when my baby is asleep too!


And, as my baby gradually got out of the newborn phase and was ready to sleep in a crib outside of my bedroom walls that transition went pretty seamlessly with the use of an Owlet. With my previous babies, I was in their bedroom checking on them each and every time I heard the littlest of peeps. Or, right before I went to sleep, I had to check on them again, and again, then again just to be sure that they were safely asleep.

Using the Owlet monitor makes it feel like we have an extra set of eyes on our baby to keep her safe and sound.


And now that we’ve just celebrated her 1-year milestone, I look back and realize that the Owlet has given us a sense of reassurance I didn’t know I needed. In comparing my 2 older babies first years, I feel like a much more confident mom because I always knew what my baby was doing, even when she was sleeping.

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Lacey Pappas

Mother of 2 silly boys and a new baby girl. Happily married. Love to laugh, inspire others, take pretty photos, and curl up with a good book.

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4 thoughts on “A Night in the Life | Sense of Reassurance



I really need one. My baby is premie and Iam worry to take him home without the hospital monitor but in couple days he will discharge.


Irene Cockerham

I would love this for my new little one


I too am sleeping so much better since I purchased the owlet. Even though I am exhausted I would wake up and make sure the baby was breathing 10 times a night. I would also get very anxious when night time was coming close because I was so fearful that she would stop breathing while in deep sleep. The other problem was I would not leave her side during the night or day time naps..now all I have to do is listen for the alarm (via baby monitor) and pull up the app to check her stats if I feel the need. I know all the checking is over the top but I am a first time mom and have always been more worried and anxious than most.
Thank you owlet for making my life easier and making me feel safer!!


Thank you for sharing your Owlet experience! We’re so glad you can get a little more sleep at night!