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A Night in the Life: Such a Relief

April 13, 2016

This is an installment in the popular blog series, “A Night in the Life,” where parents share their Owlet experience. Read more in the series here

Long nights, sleepless hours, early morning wakeups, large quantities of coffee. No, I am not talking about nights with our newborn baby girl; I am talking about my husband’s flying schedule. Let me explain: My name is Emilia, and I am military wife who is proudly married to quite possibly the best, but definitely the best looking, pilot in the United States Air Force. Our baby Samantha was born this past January and since then, Robert has gone from waking up at 4 a.m. for work to coming home at 3 a.m. after flying for several hours during the middle of the night. One can imagine how erratic this can be for balancing life with a newborn baby.

From the day Samantha came home from the hospital, she slept in our bedroom. After two weeks of this, Robert and I were beginning to feel disgruntled and very tired. Every coo, even though they were delightfully sweet, would wake us both. We knew that we needed to arrange our nights differently if we ever wanted to sleep again and so that Robert would have the opportunity to adjust to his ever-changing schedule. Robert and I first heard of the Owlet from friends when I was in the last weeks of the pregnancy. It seemed like an innovative and fabulous idea, but was quickly forgotten about because, well, I was nine months pregnant and had other things on my mind. During Samantha’s third week home in one of those unplanned 4 a.m. moments of sheer sleeplessness, my amazing husband had a moment of unexpected clarity: he remembered the Owlet! The very next morning, we ordered our Owlet. It came within days and has worked beautifully for our family.

Owlet Review - Plane Pink

The Owlet has become the number one item I suggest to our friends who are expecting. All of our husbands are flying very unorganized hours and I feel such a huge relief and peace of mind when the Owlet is placed snuggly on Samantha’s foot. During the middle of the night, when I am home without my husband, I can easily check the Owlet app to see that Samantha’s oxygen level and heart beat are in range and I can easily fall back asleep. With the Owlet in place, I have grown accustomed to not feeling anxious while Samantha is sleeping in her nursery. When Robert comes home in the middle of the night, he can quickly check in on her in the app. He also feels greatly at ease with leaving in the night to fly because Samantha is being monitored and he knows that now I can easily check in on her.

If you, or someone you know, is expecting a little bundle of love, run, don’t walk to your computer and order the Owlet!

This is a guest post by Emilia Lenzen, M.Ed, the author of the blog Plane Pink.  

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