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A Night in the Life with Baby William & Owlet

When I first found out I was pregnant with William I, of course, was excited but I was so fearful. Would he be okay? Am I eating well enough? Did I hurt the baby when I fell asleep on my belly? I lived in constant worry. Then, when 13 weeks came around I breathed a sigh of relief that we have made it this far. Then 22 weeks came around and I knew the chance of survival would only increase for our baby now. Constant. Fear.
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When William was a new baby he slept very well from night one. He was a very quiet baby, cries and breathing. I knew, yet again, the next 6 months of our life would be lived in fear. I would constantly go in to our room and check to make sure William was sleeping… I would listen for breathing sounds and if I couldn’t hear them I would put my hand on his back to feel breathing movements. I read that it is normal for babies to have irregular breathing patterns up till they were 6 months old and that did nothing but worry me more. Then, if I couldn’t feel breathing movements on his back I would wake him up and I would be in an absolute panic.
When William turned 6 months old it was like the biggest weight was lifted off my shoulders. SIDs was less of a worry now that he was 6 months old so I could sleep better at night now, or so I thought. But then again, just because William was 6 months old didn’t mean I was going to worry about him any less.
When my husband would go in and check on William and I would ask if he was alright. Of course my husband would say “Yes!” because he was just fine. But then I would ask if William was breathing, could he hear it, feel it? The worry never goes away. It just doesn’t. I am a new parent and I have accepted the fact that worrying is just part of being a mother and a father.
Now that we have the Owlet, worry doesn’t need to take up such a big place our life. I don’t need to panic if William sleeps through the night because I can roll over, look at the Owlet app and see that he is in fact, alright.
I absolutely wish I had this amazing monitor from day one so my fears didn’t have to steal so much joy in the first few months of Williams life. I really love this Owlet sock and I will without a doubt use it with every one of our babies to come. I recommend this to every parent out there because there really can’t be enough ease of mind when it comes to your child.
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