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A Night in the Life With Twins + Owlet

July 3, 2016

This post is part of our popular “A Night in the Life” series where real parents share their Owlet experience. Click here to see more posts in the series.

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Being a mother is something I’ve dreamed, hoped and prayed would happen for years. Just this past April my dreams came true when I welcomed my sweet twin babes into the world! With twins, there’s almost always some sort of preterm delivery with a NICU stay, and I was no exception to that rule. My little girl was in the NICU for one week and my boy for three. Luckily they weren’t on ventilators but my little guy did have some trouble breathing while he slept, which is something that will keep any mother up a night.

Luckily when my babies were in the NICU I could get some peace of mind knowing my little ones were watched over by a great team of nurses and oxygen monitor. But I knew I wouldn’t have that at home, so I made sure I had the next best thing, Owlet.

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Our first night home with our little girl was less than ideal. She was congested, had horrible reflux and wasn’t too fond of her bassinet. There were a lot of worries going through my mind that night. Is she too hot, is she swaddled comfortably, what if there is too much dust in the air, what if she didn’t get enough to eat, and the list goes on and on. Amongst all my worries, I never once had to ask myself, “Is she breathing ok?” because with a quick glance at the Base Station and the app, I could tell her heart rate and oxygen levels were on par with what I saw in the NICU. Having that extra help made a world of difference and really allowed me to relax and get my much needed sleep when she was asleep.

Two weeks later when we brought home our little guy it was worry central all over again! Especially because he had so many breathing problems in the NICU. But despite all my worries, Owlet gave me that peace of mind and I never had to wonder if he was breathing alright.

Aside from the breathing and heart rate monitoring, here are some other things I’ve found I love about Owlet.

Quick battery recharge. With twins you can imagine I don’t have much spare time and can be a little forgetful. Often I forget to charge the sock during the day. But luckily this little sock charges so quickly it’s not really a problem! If I forget to charge it during the day I just plug it in during the last feed before I go to bed and it’s done charging by the time my babies are finished eating.

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Turn the Base Station on from bed. My biggest pet peeve: getting out of bed when my babies are safe asleep in their bassinets and I’m already snuggled in under the covers. Luckily you can turn the Base Station on remotely from your smartphone so if you forget to turn it on like I often do, you don’t have to get out of bed to do so.

Good sock fit. I was worried that Owlet would not fit my babies at first because they were born premature and had little feet. They both weighed about four pounds when I brought them home from the hospital, so I assumed the sock wouldn’t fit at first. Wrong! The sock fit great on their little feet which was such a relief for me.

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Easy setup. I’ll be honest. I was dreading setting up both the Owlets before my twins were born because I was scared it would be a hassle. Again, I was wrong! It was SO easy. From start to finish it took me about thirty minutes to get both setup and running properly. Such a breeze! I was also worried that the Base Station would pick up the same sock and I’d have to reset them. But I’ve been using them for 8 weeks now and that’s never happened.

Quality of sleep. A question I get asked often from prospective Owlet parents is do I get more sleep with Owlet? The answer is, not really. I still wake up every three hours to feed my little ones and I always wake up when they cry. The difference in my sleep is with my quality of sleep. Owlet helps me to get the best sleep possible when I do get some shut-eye. There’s no waking in a panic 20 minutes after dozing off to check their breathing. Once I’m sleeping, I’m sleeping until my babes wake me up. When it comes to a new parent’s sleep, I think that’s all you can ask for.

The bottom line. Is Owlet worth the money? ABSOLUTELY. There is honestly nothing more valuable to a new parent (twins or not) than sleep. If you can’t get at least a few hours of quality sleep you can’t be expected to give 100 percent to your little one. While you may not get a full eight hours of sleep with your newborn, with Owlet you’ll at least get the best quality of sleep with peace of mind. To me, as a new mom to twins, that’s priceless.

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33 thoughts on “A Night in the Life With Twins + Owlet


Hi Quincy, the way the technology works, each child will need their own separate and complete Sock system.



I am having twins and I bought one system and an extra sock. Do I need to buy two complete systems?


Hi Caitlyn, congrats on your twins! In the new Owlet App, you can create multiple child profiles and add multiple Owlet devices all within the same app.


Caitlyn Valencia

I’m having twins in December and I was wondering if two socks can be connected to one phone?


Hey Montana, you will need a Smart Sock for each child but you could have 1 or 2 Cams depending on what kind of view you’d like of your little ones. You’ll want 2 if you want a birds-eye-view but only 1 if you’d like a more general view of the room.



Hello! I am due with twins this November. I added 2 Owlet Smart Socks+Cam Complete Monitor Systems to my registry. Do I need two cameras? Just want to ensure I register for the correct Owlet products. Thanks!


Hey Leila! For twins, each child needs their own separate and complete Smart Sock system. Best wishes!



Hi – I have the owlet from when my now 2yo was born, I now have twins – can I just buy an extra sock verses a whole new set? Please advise! Thanks


Laurel Cabrera

Ok thank you!


Hi Laurel, any movement can interfere with the Smart Sock’s ability to get a good reading. They are designed to be used and work best when the babies are sleeping in their own sleep space like a crib or bassinet.


Laurel Cabrera

I’m due with twins in early Aug! Can twins sleep near each other while both wearing these? Or will their movement be picked up by the other if they’re too close?



Hello, can you ease tell me exactly what I need to purchase to monitor both of my twins.


Hi! Congrats on your twins! You need two complete Smart Socks- one for each child. The way the technology works, each child needs their own base station and sock sensor. Hope that helps!


Renee Quinn

Hi. I’m new to the owlet and am having twins late summer ‘19. I’m confused on what I actually need for twins: two bases and two sets of socks? One base and two sets of socks? My real question is can one base be used for two socks – one on each baby? Thanks so much for your help!


Great questions! Your Owlet Smart Sock will absolutely work with the new app. If you and your husband both want access to view the live readings, just share the login information you created upon set up!



hello. I am pregnant with twins. I was wondering if my old owlet sock would work with the new app when I purchase my additional owlet sock to view both babies under the one app? Also could my husband download the same app and view them both also?


Yes, you can!



I am looking into getting the owlet for my twins boys. So if I get 2 sets of the socks I can view them both under 1 app?


Hi Daphne, you can now view multiple children simultaneously in the new Owlet app. 🙂


Daphne Simonson

Have you added the twin feature yet? I see all the questions are from last year as long ago as June 2018 and it’s now March 2019. I have newborn twins and would like to know when exactly this will be available. And I already have one unit for one of sons. Thank you.


We’ll be testing this soon and hope to see this within the coming months. 🙂 Keep in mind that regardless of the app, the base station is designed to be the primary notification system but we completely understand why you would want to see this feature! Make sure to keep an eye out!




How will we be notified that it will be available for multiples? I was very disappointed to hear that I would have to log in and out to look at each child, defeats the purpose of having this. Best wishes that this is accomplished soon

Thank You


Hi Nicole, you’ll currently have to set up two different Owlet profiles with twins. We will be providing a feature to allow multiple profiles in one account in the future so make sure to keep an eye out!



Did you have to have two accounts set up (one for each twin)?


It’s definitely in the works so make sure to keep an eye out!



This seems like a basic piece of functionality if you’re going to charge 400 dollars. Please tell me this is going to be done soon.


Channing Merrell

Hi Gail! Currently, the Owlet Smart Sock 2 and mobile application are not optimized for use with twins. Two separate full Owlet Monitors and two separate mobile app accounts are required to monitor and view both twins at the same time. With two app accounts, you could either log into both babies’ accounts through two different mobile devices simultaneously or if only one mobile device is housing the app, you would need to log out of one twin’s account and then log into the other.

Making the app multiples friendly is one of our team’s top priority and something they are currently working hard on. Hopefully, that helps answer your question!



How does this work with twins? Do you have to buy 2 whole units or are you able to use one unit and use two socks- one for each twin? Thanks!

Avatar for Brittany


Hi Adrian, sorry this is a pain point for you! I understand where you are coming from. The Base Station is designed to be your primary alert system, the app is a monitoring convenience. While you cannot see live vitals from one smart phone or device for two babies, you can technically monitor both babies at the same time using the Base Station. However, I do understand the desire to have both babies on one device, as I’m a twin mom myself. I will be sure to personally pass this information on to the engineering team!



We have 28 weeker twins. We have used Owlets for them since we brought them home from their 3 month nicu stay. I can definitely identify with your worries. Having the hospital monitors is like your safety blanket. Our twins are 8months now and sleeping through the night. I have to say that Owlet has definitely allowed me to get better sleep and has given me md my husband peace of mind. Thank you for sharing your story. And congrats on your babies!



You can’t monitor from one device which is a MAJOR issue. Especially when one parent is home and the other isn’t. I’ve mentioned this a million times to Owlet and they have said they are NOT working on a resolution for this problem. It seems like it should en quite an easy fix to be able to make the app where it would toggle back and forth between each baby’s profile. You would think they would fix this issue for parents of multiples.

Avatar for Brittany


Hi Jordan, I use my phone and my husbands phone to monitor. One baby is logged into my phone and the other in my husband’s phone. But to be honest I don’t check the app too often! At first I was always checking to see their vitals, now I just turn it on and use the Base Station. And if I want, the phone is always there.



did you use two devices (iphones/ipads)? i didn’t see a way to consolidate monitoring to one account on one device.