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A Night With Owlet: A First-Time Mom

January 17, 2016

This is the an installment of Owlet’s “A Night in the Life” series, featuring real parents sharing their experiences with the Owlet Monitor. Click here to see all blog posts in the series.


Hi everyone! My name is Sam and I am a first time mom with a 6 month old son, Jonathon.  I first discovered Owlet on instagram after stumbling upon several mom blogs that were posting about the product. I began doing my research (watching videos, checking out the owlet website) and decided that I needed to have this product. Then came the price, this deterred me because I thought “oh great I have to convince my husband to let me buy another thing for our baby that he doesn’t think we need.” If you are reading this, let me save you some trouble. Buy it. There is no price you can put on your sanity, and that’s what Owlet has done, saved my sanity. As a new mom, all I did was worry. Was he ok? I would stare at the monitor for hours at night, to the point where I felt like my eyeballs were going to fall out. My husband, of course, was sleeping soundly and didn’t share the same neurotic worries that seemed to haunt me. I also suffer from anxiety. I had this pre-pregnancy, but the birth of a child definitely changed my anxiety in different ways. Friends and family would constantly reassure me “he’s a healthy baby, nothing is going to happen,” but for me that was easier said. The decision was made to get the Owlet, and once it arrived in the mail my life changed.


The Owlet is super user friendly! It comes with a base station, which I have set up in my room on my dresser (my son sleeps in his own room separate). This station serves as your notification system (along with your phone). I like having it in my room because in my half-asleep daze, I can look up and see the pulsing green light, and know that everything is alright. The package includes different sizes of the “sock” which are aimed to fit from newborn up to 18 months. I love that the sock can grow with your child, because I know some moms might want to stop after the newborn phase, but I still love having it at 6+ months! The sock is super easy, and my little guy never has an issue with it.  We put it on as part of his bedtime routine, as we are putting on his pajamas. Just make sure it is firmly placed against the foot, in order to get an accurate reading.  I also love the feature that allows me to check the monitor from my iPhone. I recently had an overnight stay away from my son for the first time and I was a wreck. I made sure my parents put the sock on, and I was able to track his oxygen levels and heart rate from my phone the whole time. My son also just started sleeping on his stomach (UGH!) and I told my husband I wouldn’t get any sleep without the Owlet because I would be worried about him on his stomach all night.


I cannot recommend this product enough to help moms through those sleepless/worry-filled nights. Being a mom is the greatest thing in the world; however, it is equally the most terrifying, in my opinion. This monitor is not responsible for your child’s well-being; you are, however, the owlet aids you in the task with its design to notify you to heart rate or oxygen levels that are out of range. Also, it’s a ways off, but my husband and I would like to have another child. The Owlet is already giving me peace of mind for the next child; I wish I would have gotten it sooner with my son. So I know you have been going back and forth, debating the pros and cons, weighing in budget, and if you really “need” it and the point of my guest blog is to let you know to stop wondering, and just get it. I cannot advocate enough for this product, because I feel so strongly about how it has helped me.  This is one item you will not regret, I promise you.



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