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ACTUAL Pregnancy Lifesavers

August 18, 2015

I’ve read just about enough of those “pregnancy must-have” lists. Everything has been said. Belly bands, nausea relief tea, an exercise ball, etc. You’ve probably read a million of them, too. And while yes, they are helpful and those things are nice to have during pregnancy, here is a list of items that nobody has told you about that will make pregnancy, especially your third trimester, SO MUCH EASIER.


Did you even know this existed?! Do you know what this means? NO MORE BENDING OVER!!

We always had one of these around growing up. We called them “robot arms” but in the retail world they’re usually called an extension arm, a nifty nabber, a reacher, or a grabber.  Home Depot’s website even has an entire page dedicated to “reachers and grabbers.” Picking up toys, shoes, anything you can think of doesn’t have to be a painful chore when you’re 37 weeks pregnant thanks to grabbers! Seriously, save your back and belly and get yourself a grabber RIGHT NOW! Your life will never be the same.


I think at the first prenatal appointment, every pregnant woman should be given a Roomba.

God bless the kindred spirit who invented the Roomba. Even when I’m NOT pregnant, vacuuming can be straining on my back and such a pain. Roomba’s work really well and you can schedule them to do different routes. They can go on hardwood or carpet, and they’re basically the mother of all cleaning equipment.

Detachable shower head

Oh no, water, I’M THE BOSS, NOW! No more reaching and shifting and wiggling to try to get you to rinse this pregnant lady. Now, I’m just gonna stand or SIT in one place and tell YOU where to move. Because let’s be real – this big swollen belly limits a woman’s mobility. Seriously ladies, if navigating around that belly is getting exhausting in the shower, invest in a detachable shower head. Your hygiene will thank you.

Indoor toddler trampolines

You can only break your promise to take your toddler to the park so many times. And it will break your heart every time and no matter how good your intentions are, sometimes intense contractions just happen, or swelling, or other pregnancy symptoms that keep you home.

But skipping the park also means that your toddler has the bottled-up energy of 10 Energizer bunnies and the destructive capabilities of a velociraptor.

Solution: indoor toddler trampoline.

You can totally redeem yourself and make sure your toddler has an outlet for all of that energy by investing in a toddler indoor trampoline. These are small, safe, and a lot of them fold up so they don’t take up much room. Seriously, why go to the park and sit and sweat in the sweltering heat to let your toddler get some exercise, when you can kick back on your couch in the air conditioning and let them jump to their little heart’s content? It’s a no-brainer, really.

Chair lifts for stairs

Now I can’t speak from experience on this one because I personally don’t have one installed in my house (yet), but I can just imagine how incredibly amazing having a chair lift would be. A few days ago I went up and down the stairs like 5 consecutive times as I hauled up laundry to my bedroom, and then some bags of baby clothes to the nursery, and then to drag my daughter back down because she started getting into things. Let me just say that motorized shopping carts should also be advertised to pregnant women, as well. If you think about it, we have a lot in common with our senior friends.


Once the third trimester hit and my belly started getting bigger, bending over became ridiculously hard. And almost every time I bend over, I start having contractions once I stand back up. So, as you can imagine, I try to avoid bending over as much as possible. But that also means some sacrificing, like when my feet are cold but bending over to put socks on isn’t worth the effort.

So thank goodness for slippers, am I right?

You know, I bet they were invented by a pregnant woman because who else needs to warm their feet without bending over as much as us?

Disposable dishes

This one is self-explanatory.

And if you don’t think it’s self-explanatory, just do yourself a favor and buy some anyway. Then talk to me when you’re a few weeks away from your due date, and have completely forgotten how to run your dishwasher.

Cell Phone Alarm Clocks

What did pregnant women even DO when they could only set one alarm?! There’s absolutely no way I could wake up on the first alarm, not a chance. With how many times I have to wake up to relieve my bladder or put my toddler back to bed, mornings are my mortal enemy. But my handy-dandy cell phone takes care of that by giving me no less than 3 alarms to get me on my way.

morning-alarm-routineHair ties

Obviously you already know that having a billion hair ties to keep your hair up is essential (can you say hot flashes?), but did you know about this trick to keep your pants on? For both your zipper AND your button, hair ties are your best friends. I would go with a more subtle color than green and orange, though. hair tie trick

Tall Tees

Hear me out before you judge.

Yes, there is a stereotype associated with people who wear tall tees. You only need to google it to find that out. The first suggestion is “gangster.” tall tees

But you’re about to join those gangsters because these are the best maternity shirts you will ever wear! The ones I wear are from Foot Locker, and my husband bought them probably at least 8 years ago. And I’m sad to say that Foot Locker doesn’t sell them anymore, but there are plenty of places that still do. You may feel a little out of place shopping for tall tees, but you won’t be sorry.

Basically they’re super long, not super baggy, but not tight, and honestly they make my bump look much smaller than it really is. Not that I want to hide it or anything, but lately I’ve just been getting tired of all of the, “oh, you’re about ready to go, aincha!” comments. Throw on some leggings, yoga pants, or materntiy pants with a tall tee and you’re ready to go!

There are probably way more items that could be added to this list, can you think of any I missed that are especially helpful for pregnant women?

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Angela graduated with her B.S. in Exercise and Wellness and is a NASM certified personal trainer who specializes in postpartum fitness and recovery. She enjoys writing, cracking jokes, and spending time with her family, preferably while fishing. She shares many of her life adventures on Instagram as @angelagrams

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I’m not even pregnant and I already set the alarms like you have shown here. But when I do become pregnant, I will look to this as as guide for sure. I have seen so many women struggle with the things you have listed. Glad I won’t!