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Angie’s PP Guide: Clogged ducts and online shopping

November 3, 2015

Week 1 is a big hurdle to get over, and while week 2 is much better it still comes with its fair share of ups and downs.

The Ups:

My milk supply got control of itself as my son got into a better feeding routine. This was a GREAT thing because he would nurse a lot, and then sleep for longer stretches at a time. One night he even slept for 5 straight hours. I woke up terrified that I hadn’t heard him, but looked over and saw him snoozing in his bassinet. Win for my sanity!

The pain and soreness wore off significantly and I was able to space out my pain meds and eventually stop taking them altogether this week.

However, the general improvement in my condition gave me a false sense of reality that was shattered every time I had to pee. I’d get so antsy sitting around the house all day and want to go out grocery shopping or work on some projects around the house, then quickly be brutally reminded that I still had a lot of healing to do whenever nature called.

My advice: it’s better to over-rest than under-rest.  Especially if you have an incision or stitches anywhere. Becoming too active too soon will only knock you out for even longer when you re-injure yourself or get an infection. Take advantage of the expectation that you’ll be laid up for several weeks. Your body went through 9-months of stretching and growing, so it’ll take more than just a few days or a week to get it back to doing regular activities. You’ll also feel less guilty for watching 5+ hours a day of your favorite TV shows (mine are currently The Walking Dead, Malcolm in the Middle re-runs, cooking competition shows (wishful thinking) and Law & Order: SVU).

Another “up” for week 2 was taking my daughter to Friendly’s for ice cream.


Since week 1 was a crazy blur I wanted to take her by herself out to spend some one-on-one time. Even though she fell and skinned her knee and started yell/crying, “I’M SO SORRY, MOM!! I’M SO SORRY I SKINNED MY KNEE (Insert crying wails here). “I’M SORRY MOM, I’M SO SORRY!” Onlookers seemed worried and confused. When she gets hurt, I always say, “It’s okay sweetie, I’m so sorry you got hurt.” So she thinks she’s supposed to apologize when she gets hurt, as well. I didn’t really have a chance to explain that to our concerned audience, who probably thought I punished my child for getting hurt. Fortunately our birthday cake ice cream had pain-relieving powers and our bonding time wasn’t for naught.

The Downs

If I led you to believe that week 2 was just all Zombie apocalypse shows and ice cream, it’s not.

Sometimes this horrible thing happens when you’re breastfeeding called a clogged duct. Doesn’t that just sound pleasant? Oh yeah, it’s just as awesome as it sounds. I was kept awake long after my son fell asleep with a horrible, painful hard lump in my chest. It was there for hours. I looked up everything and tried everything I could to try to relieve it – hot shower, massage, nursing, massaging while nursing, submerging the boob in as-hot-as-tolerable water and then nursing on all fours with baby underneath (seriously). Nothing worked. I know that clogged duct can quickly turn to mastitis, which is serious, so I was becoming concerned and desperate.

Finally I remembered receiving some weird purple gel bead things as a baby shower gift that I knew was something for nursing. I found them and whaddyaknow, they were compresses that could be heated or cooled for nursing pain relief. Specifically, the heat was intended to relieve clogged ducts. This is what they look like right here:Therapearl_Pack_and_Product

Pop that sucker in the microwave for a few seconds, press it on the sore spot and oh. My. Gosh. Hours of ridiculous pain gone in a minute. I was amazed that the heat with some massaging literally worked out the clogged duct almost instantly. I never had an experience with a plugged duct with my firstborn but I’m relieved and so thankful I happened to have those on hand when it happened this time around. This isn’t a sponsored post or anything, these suckers really did work so well! I should add that those other techniques may work and are probably worth trying if you have a clogged duct, but I couldn’t seem to get them to.

Another thing you should NOT do your second week of postpartum recovery is go clothes shopping. Eager as you may be to finally wear cute, non-maternity clothing, don’t do it.

“Your body isn’t done recovering after only two weeks, ANG!” Why couldn’t I get that through my head?

I blame my husband, he thought me getting out would be a good thing but he should’ve never let me go. Nine-months of growing a baby and a watermelon-sized stomach two weeks earlier should’ve been enough for me to realize that my body wasn’t reflective of what it would be even a week later. So don’t get too used to your reflection quite yet – at two weeks out it still has a lot of changing to do.

Advice: Shop online all you want. There are a lot of loose-fitting tops and bottoms that are in style right now that are forgiving of a changing body. You’ll feel great in new clothes that fit and look amazing, so treat yo self!

What were some of your hurdles during the first few weeks of recovery? Share below!

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Angela graduated with her B.S. in Exercise and Wellness and is a NASM certified personal trainer who specializes in postpartum fitness and recovery. She enjoys writing, cracking jokes, and spending time with her family, preferably while fishing. She shares many of her life adventures on Instagram as @angelagrams

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Really wonderful post your have shared here

Avatar for Angela Silva

Angela Silva

Oh my gosh, that’s better than it coming in late or slow! But then you have to deal with preventing leaking and whatnot haha. I’m glad it calmed down eventually!


Stephanie Bowen

My milk supply came in rapidly and I was over producing like crazy! I would feed our little girl and still pump out 5 oz on each side. It finally calmed down after a couple weeks, but I thought it might last forever!