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Pregnancy Scares: Angie’s Guide Week 25

June 2, 2015

This was the worst week yet – I had a pretty bad scare on Friday.

I’ve slowly been accumulating household items and furnishings that we couldn’t take on our move. We have the basics and pretty much everything we need but things like a pasta strainer, a closet light, etc. didn’t quite make the move so we started a list of these miscellaneous things.

But I left something very important off that list.

Bathroom mats.

It was terrible. We had just returned from a fun trip to a park that had beautiful lakes and a nature center. I got eaten alive by mosquitos and felt pretty gross. We got home and my husband and daughter went outside to play with our dog, so I decided to take the opportunity to shower without a little person shoving her tiny hands under the door and yelling “YOU DONE, MAMA? YOU NAKED, MAMA? YOU WANNA WEAR A SHIRT, MAMA?”

I don’t normally bring my phone into the bathroom with me because I have a bad track record with breaking phones, but I’m sure glad I did this day. After my shower, I opened the curtain and grabbed my towel, dried myself off for the most part and stepped out of the tub. My foot immediately slipped out from under me and I lost my balance. I scrambled to grab anything I could to ease the landing as I fell to the floor, but there wasn’t anything to break the fall. I like to think I have pretty good reflexes and am a quick thinker in situations like this, but there really wasn’t much I could do even as my mind raced and my eyes searched for something to break my fall or prevent any bad positions. It was the longest, most terrifying fall of my life.  I just kept thinking “oh no, I’m going to hurt the baby… I’m going to detach my placenta… I’m going to go into early labor… I hope there’s not any blood.”

(Isn’t amazing how those adrenaline-filled moments really only last a few split seconds, but so many thoughts can go through your head? Have you had any moments like that?)

I landed on my tailbone in a sort-of reclined position, my hands were behind me (thankfully they helped catch my fall) and I had one foot still up on the tub. I didn’t feel any immediate pain but just sat there in shock. I was waiting and concentrating on different areas of my body to try to notice any pain or blood because I didn’t want to move if I had seriously injured anything. I started wondering if I could yell loud enough for my husband to hear so he could come help me and look for anything out of the ordinary, and that’s when I remembered that my phone was on the counter! Hallelujah! I tried calling him but it went straight to voicemail, so I texted instead.

25 weeks text convo

Immediately I heard the back door swing open and loud footsteps running up the stairs. My husband and daughter burst in. I told him I felt a little bit of a pain in my left side but I didn’t hit it on anything so maybe I’d just lie down for a while and see how it feels.

He helped me to the bed and I lay on my left side. The pain wasn’t significant and didn’t seem to be related to the fall. My sweet daughter kept saying “…and you fell on the baf-woom fwoor, mama. And you got a owie, and you need choc-it milk and it will make you happy!”

Bless her.

After a while, I decided I was probably fine and got up. I walked around for a while and everything seemed to be fine.

So I went and added bath mats to the list of household items we needed.

The whole ordeal made me super paranoid and nervous.  Not that I wasn’t cautious before, but I’ve been making a special effort to take stairs slowly and purposefully, and to avoid anything that could cause me to lose balance. In hindsight, I probably should have called a doctor just to make sure, because you can never be too certain with these things. I have felt the baby move regularly since the fall and I haven’t had any cramping or anything out of the ordinary, but I was really lucky that I didn’t get hurt because that fall had the potential to do a lot of damage to me and the baby. I guess the bigger I get, the less coordinated and off-balance I’ll be, so I’ll be taking things slower and more carefully from now on.

Have you had any close calls during your pregnancy? Have you had to take any steps or measures to pregnancy-proof your home? Share your story and warnings with me below!

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Lacey Pappas

That IS scary! Glad you were okay!