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New Baby Bedtime Essentials: Dream Sock + Dream Duo

January 7, 2022

It comes as no surprise that parenting is hard work. Parents often deal with sleep deprivation and chronic frustration around sleep. To make matters worse, there have been few solutions in the marketplace to address this problem…until now. 

At Owlet, we believe parents deserve better. The new Dream Sock and Dream Duo provides personalized insights about Baby’s sleep, so parents can take an active role in their baby’s sleep management. This ultimately builds healthy sleep habits that last a lifetime. And when Baby sleeps better, the whole family sleeps better. 

Dream Sock

The Dream Sock is a wearable baby monitor that leverages Owlet’s award-winning technology to track Baby’s sleep trends and sleep quality indicators. Parents can utilize the Owlet Dream app to view real-time sleep insights, exclusive content, and an adjustable sleep program.

Features you’ll love:

  • Comfortable fabric sock that wraps around Baby’s foot to track Baby’s sleep 
  • Smart sleep monitoring at your fingertips. The Dream Sock tracks your child’s sleep quality indicators—including heart rate, wakings, oxygen level, and movement
  • Integration with the Owlet Dream app, which displays sleep status, sleep history, and sleep quality scores
  • Parenting tips that progress with the age of your baby, so you’ll feel empowered with skills related to sleep support, feeding, child development, postpartum adjustment, and more! 
  • A sleep assessment to help you identify what is keeping your infant from sleeping through the night 
  • A step-by-step sleep program designed by experts, which provides a daily schedule and adjust to your baby’s sleep patterns

Dream Duo

The new Owlet Dream Duo is a revolutionary baby monitoring system that allows you to see & hear your baby from anywhere, and provides you with an advanced understanding of your baby’s sleep.

Features you’ll love: 

  • Secure, HD video streaming with night vision that streams directly to your device over a secure, private connection
  • 2-way audio, background audio, and 4x zoom capabilities, plus sound and motion notifications
  • Smart monitoring at your fingertips. The Dream Sock tracks  your baby’s key Sleep Quality Indicators like heart rate, oxygen level, wakings, humidity, room temperature, and noise level
  • Real-time sleep prompts that let you know when Baby is asleep, awake, uncomfortable, or unable to sleep soundly
  • Integration with the Owlet Dream App to display sleep status, sleep history, and sleep quality scores with live audio and video
  • Weekly parenting tips that empower parents with skills and confidence 
  • An adjustable sleep schedule and our award-winning sleep program designed by sleep experts 

For weary parents looking for a solution to improve sleep quality, the new Dream Sock and Dream Duo gives you the tools and resources to build lifelong healthy sleep habits that will benefit both Baby and the rest of the family. Time to kiss sleepless nights goodbye. 

Available only in the US. 


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The Dream Sock helps you understand your child’s sleep and know when to assist them for better sleep. Within the Owlet Dream App (available in the App Store and Google Play Store), you can view your child’s sleep quality indicators in the moment - including wakings, heart rate, and movement – and gain actionable insights to build better sleep habits.

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