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Baby Safety Month Giveaway

September 13, 2017

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35 thoughts on “Baby Safety Month Giveaway


Jessica rios

I been wanting one for my baby I’m due on Oct 19 with my second baby boy. I would love to win this and now my baby will be safe to sleep alone and on his back. And get some rest.


Bryan Hill

This would be amazing! My birthday is tomorrow and or son is due Christmas Eve! This would be the best and help me sleep so much better!



never knew such thing was available . sounds like a real life saver for all babies ,lost agrand daughter last year to sids .she was 4 mos old .a very tramatic time in our life


Savannah olney

This would be so amazing. I had my twins early and they are still having problems every now and then with their breathing. Offend make trips to the doctors. This would be so amazing to have. I wouldn’t have to worry so much through the nigh and day at nap time! ☺️


Laila M.

My baby girl is almost 2 months old and she makes these high pitched hiccup-type noises like she can’t breathe for a few seconds or something and then it always just goes away. This monitor will let me know she’s breathing okay and getting the proper amount of oxygen while she’s asleep. Monitoring her heart rate and oxygen would totally make me feel like a better prepared mama ❤️



Babies should always sleep
Alone on Back in Crib
Better to be safe than sorry as much as you would love to sleep with your precious little angel. Following these simple guidelines will bring much more joy in the long run. My baby will be 2 months can’t wait till sids is no longer a threat!


Radhika Moreland

I have severe hearing loss and I can barely even hear my son cry so this would be such a blessing for me and my son. I’m constantly worried and won’t leave his site because I’m scared something will happen and I won’t hear it. I’m in the process of saving the money for a hearing aid because my insurance won’t cover it and after I get that, the next thing on my list is an owlet 🙂



On back
In the crib
-I would love to win! If I don’t I will make it work and come up with the money. We have a 4 week old, 3rd baby. I Saw this product on my local news tonight. Can’t believe I had never heard of it.



After a friend lost her baby to SIDS years ago, I always dreamed of a product like the Owlet. After discovering your product was actually real, I’ve had my eye on it and would be SO happy to be one of the very lucky winners. Thanks for doing this giveaway! Y’all are generous good people.





Jeremy Hall

I am entering for this monitor because I have been told by NICU nurses it’s the best monitor. My son passed away from SIDS last November and we are expecting a daughter in October. I have 2 different monitors but I think this might be the best one. Please let me know if I win and truly if this is the best one…it sure looks like it. I know no co-sleeping, loose blankets, stuffed animals, sleep on their backs…we did all of this…I would really like to have this. Thank you so much for your consideration.


Brooke Jorgensen

I was told I would never have children and now that I have my miracle baby I find myself paranoid and waking up hourly to check on her at night. I’m going back to work in a few weeks so the peace of mind and sleep would really be helpful. I came across your product and it seems like it would really help but unfortunately is out of my price range.



My baby is due any day now and this would be such a nice blessing and peace of mind if I win! I have been researching and had my eye on this product for awhile now just a little more than I can spend at this time. Prayers to win and make this month that much better!! ☺️❤️


Alone, back and crib. For some reason I can’t enter my info…it won’t work– my email is [email protected]


Juliet Robaina

ABC for safe sleep.
Babies should be put to sleep alone,which means no co sleeping,loose blankets,stuff animals,toys or bumpers around. Always on their back and in their own crib or safe bassinet.

My name is Juliet, i lost my first baby due to an ectopic pregnancy that ruptured and made me have emergency surgery. Having kids have been my biggest dream since I was a kid. We continue to try everymonth,an although it has been almost a year, we dont loose faith. I have been a huge fan of the owlet and love the new designed owlet 2 and all the improvements. I know there are millions of people that would benefif from this,specially because of the large numbers of deaths due to sids. But winning this will give me a little bit more strength and hope that someday i will have a baby too.


Melisa Matthews

ABC’S =A-alone, B-on their back, C-in a crib or other safe sleeping area



the ABCs of safe sleep: Placing baby Alone, on his/her Back, in his/her Crib (or other safe sleeping place).



I am expecting my first child a son due January 10th 2018. I have been wanting an owlet sock since I first saw them. I have read all the reviews and stories on them. I feel like as a first time mom it would give me a little bit of peace of mind to know my precious son is being monitored while he sleeps. I would love to win one.



As a first time mom this really means the world had to get the abc right for my munchkin so me and him can head to a good start thank you for making a world of a difference for us parents


Kathy Hodges

A:: Alone
B:: on their Back
C:: in the Crib

What’s wonderful product for any new parent to have Owlet Baby Monitors watch over their sleeping angel!
Expensive, but a good piece of mind, especially for our nicu baby



B -On back
C- in crib


Ashley Swim

Hope to win


Nicole Harrelson

In would love this for my son and my future children I had a problem breathing when I was a kid so I’m scared he will stop breathing in his sleep so I’m one exhausted momma thank u goe letting me enter to win this I hope I win


Jessica Wilder

[email protected]


Brianna L.

Alone on their backs in a crib. My husband and I learned this the hard way. Our daughter was born January 26th and passed away in March due to SIDS. We are currently expecting our second child January 28th, 2018 and are excited but still scared and nervous and grieving. We have been researching the Owlet for a few months now and have made it our priority to purchase one but money is tight and we are working on our finances. Whether we win one or not, we will be purchasing one regardless of price for our second daughter for a peace of mind and for her safety. We love and miss our baby so much and pray that God will bless our family with more. No family should have to struggle to have peace of mind while raising their legacy, their children in the most critical of stages in their life. We are grateful for the invention of the Owlet monitor and hope we are making the best decision for our family in purchasing one. Thank you Owlet for your dedication and commitment to babies, parents and families alike. ❤


Jennie Springer

Hi! Hope I win!!


Samantha steel

I can’t wait until I can get an owlet monitor! My baby was born 6 weeks early and is now 8 weeks old and still in the NICU. The owlet monitor will definitely ease the transition home and give me peace of mind!


Cassie crosswhite

This would be awesome to win! Stocking up for our future little!


Lisa hotchkiss

I would love the smart sock!



I am entering for my baby sister. She is going to be a first time mom this week! This would be amazing for her to have.


Tamber Couch

Would love to win thanks for the chance I am due any day now and this would be so awesome to win.R



I didn’t know if this amazing product with my first child, but I wish I had because I experience such severe anxiety postpartum that it really effected me as a mother because of the stress of making sure my baby was alive and breathing. With my second on the way I would love the piece of mind that the owlet sock provides to help me greatly with my anxiety.



Babies should always sleep alone, with no blankets or toys in the crib. On their back and with a firm mattress and a tight fitted bed sheet. thank you for giving away two owlets! Will for sure help those who really need sleep and reassurance.



Yay!!! Piece of mind is priceless! ❤️ I wake up multiple times in the night just to put my hand on his chest to feel him breathe. Can’t be too careful.