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Baby-wearing to Help you Get Things Done

March 10, 2016

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It’s no secret that a baby’s favorite place to be is in your arms or against your body. Leaving the warm comfort of the womb is no walk in the park for your baby, and some research even suggests that there are developmental benefits of keeping baby close during those first few months of life. But that can make getting anything done around the house or even outside of the house next to impossible, especially if you have other children who need you. Indeed, baby carriers just might be the most favorite product for moms with other children. Although you could opt for a swing, bouncer, or a stroller, your baby might not tolerate those options, and you will likely feel better having baby with you more often than not. This is why the world of baby-wearing exists. Here are some of the activities you can do more easily while baby-wearing:

  • Exercise. There are even fitness classes specifically for baby-wearing moms. That added weight is just what you need to get that burn!
  • Grocery shopping. Now you don’t have to worry about securing the carseat in the grocery cart and taking up room for groceries when you wear your baby while shopping.
  • Social events. No more worrying about your spouse’s great-aunt smothering your baby’s face with kisses. Wearing your baby at social events keeps your baby close and prevents unwanted touching and kissing.
  • Play. If you have other kids, you’ll know how hard it can be to get that precious time in with them when you have a baby to care for. Baby-wearing solves that. Strap the baby on and you can play and swing at the park, build a tower with blocks, color and paint, find books at the library, and the list goes on. Almost any mom with more than one child will tell you that baby-wearing is a lifesaver.
  • Travel. Flying on airplane just got a whole lot easier with baby-wearing. You can discreetly nurse your baby while wearing them, and keep them comforted during the whole flight. Once you reach your destination, wearing your baby as opposed to pushing them in a stroller gives you more freedom to explore while keeping your baby close and safe.
  • Work. If you work from home and find that your baby doesn’t quite give you the time you need to get anything done, just wear them while you work! Strap your sweetie on and you’ll give yourself much more time to write, blog, make phone calls, send emails, and get whatever work you need to do, done.8137739933_2f74915923_o

However not all baby carriers are created equal. Babies of different ages may need different levels of support. Here is a quick guide to picking the right baby carrier for your baby.

For Newborns

Younger babies who still lack neck strength and head control would benefit most from a snug, wrap-style carrier. 8137753996_a4b1a4e5fe_o Best wraps: The Moby wrap, Solly Wrap, or Baby K’Tan are great options that allow you to wear your baby so close that they’ll feel like they’re a part of your body. There are several wrap-style carriers available, and many that you can even make yourself. Why they’re great: Your baby will likely fall asleep being held so close to you, allowing you the freedom to do your makeup, sweep or mop, sew or get some work done, or even go for a walk. Running errands or going on an outdoor adventure just got easier with this carrier, as you can put it on before you get in the car and once you arrive at your destination, just put the baby right into the carrier and off you go! Just be careful when you bend over to put a firm hand on their back so they don’t fall out.

For Older Babies

Once your baby has a bit more control and especially a growing curiosity, a more structured carrier might be more comfortable for you and your baby.175232542_89d79c2a4e_z Best carriers: The Ergobaby 360 carrier is a great option. This is because you can wear your baby on your chest, back, or even on your hip, and the Ergobaby is one of the best options for comfort because of its popular feature of weight distribution. Why they’re great: This carrier would be a great option for doing activities that might not be pleasant for a front-worn baby, such as dishes or vacuuming. The weight limit is 45 pounds, meaning you will likely be able to wear your baby well into toddlerhood for those long outings that leave toddlers a tad bit whiny.

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