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Baby’s First Halloween: Creative Costumes

October 18, 2017

Shopping for baby’s first Halloween costume can be a hard decision, because what WOULDN’T look adorable on them? To help you narrow it down, here are 10 of our favorite Halloween costumes for baby’s first Halloween – including store-bought and homemade ideas.

Baby Sea Turtle

This sea turtle costume from Target is my number one favorite baby costume I’ve ever seen.

Homemade Ghost

Turn a white onesie into a ghost costume with black vinyl to make simple eyes and a mouth. For an even easier costume, use fabric paint or markers to simply draw the ghost’s face.

Lil’ Stinker

Dress up your lil’ stinker like the lil’ stinker they are with this hilariously adorable skunk costume, courtesy of Pottery Barn Kids.

This little piggy…

This little piggy stole everyone’s hearts on Halloween, just look at that tongue! This pig costume is the perfect costume to accentuate those soft chunky cheeks.

“I’ll eat you up!”

Bring the favorite childhood book classic to life with this Max costume from “Where the Wild Things Are.” Bonus points if your little one’s name is Max.

A Box of Cuties

Who doesn’t love to snack on a little cutie? They’re the perfect-sized little fruit and the perfect Halloween costume for an easy yet adorable play-on-words ensemble. Simply dress baby in orange and make a large “cuties” label to put around a box, the stroller, or the car seat.

The Little Mermaid

If it’s going to be a cold Halloween, keep your little mermaid cozy in this mermaid costume, complete with a colorful headpiece for that perfect final touch.

Homemade Mummy

Turn a white onesie into a mummy costume by sewing or gluing overlapping strips of white fabric across the front. Hot glue a pair of eyes, or simply draw them on peeking out from the strips to complete the look.

Candy Corn

Die a white onesie in layers to be orange, yellow, and white, and you have a simple yet easily recognizable little candy corn!

Charlie Brown

Sew, glue, or draw a black zig-zag stripe across a yellow onesie for a Charlie Brown costume. Give baby a stuffed animal Snoopy to carry around to complete the costume

What will your little one be for their first Halloween?

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