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Back Pain During Pregnancy

Back pain is very common during pregnancy, but it is usually not a reason to worry. However, it can definitely interfere with sleep, mobility, and general discomfort during daily activities.

According to the American Pregnancy Association, back pain can be caused by a few different factors, including:

  • Hormones
  • Weight gain
  • Posture, and/or
  • Stress

Fortunately, there are some ways to manage your back pain to make it less severe and occur less frequently:

  • Exercise can help strengthen the muscles surrounding the spine and pelvis, helping to improve posture and reduce the stress put on those joints and muscles. Exercises generally safe during pregnancy include swimming, walking, and most other forms of exercise you did before pregnancy, as approved by your doctor.
  • Wearing a support belt can help improve posture, as well as placing a pillow behind your back when sitting or between your knees when sleeping.
  • Pregnancy massage may help alleviate pain, so schedule yourself a prenatal massage or have your partner learn some safe techniques to help you relax.
  • Heat or cold applied to the pain could help alleviate the pain, but make sure to protect your skin during application.
  • Chiropractic care could also help alleviate your pain and reduce the occurrence, so find a reputable chiropractor if it’s in the budget.

Although back pain is not usually a cause for concern, you should monitor your body closely and not hesitate to contact your doctor with any concerns. If your back pain lasts for several weeks, worsens, or is accompanied by a fever, vaginal bleeding, or numbness it could be more serious. Back pain could also be a sign of preterm labor, so pay close attention to the severity, location, and associated symptoms and call your doctor with any concerns. Your doctor can help determine if your back pain is being caused by something more serious, and suggest a management plan if it is not.

Did you have back pain during pregnancy? What relief techniques worked for you?

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Angela Silva

Angela graduated with her B.S. in Exercise and Wellness and is a NASM certified personal trainer who specializes in postpartum fitness and recovery. She enjoys writing, cracking jokes, and spending time with her family, preferably while fishing. She shares many of her life adventures on Instagram as @angelagrams

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