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THE BEST 2017 Mother’s Day Gift Guide

May 8, 2017

It’s been a long 365 days since last Mother’s Day, and moms everywhere are ready for their annual day of appreciation and celebration. And they definitely deserve it for putting in those long hours, working weekends and holidays, with often little or no appreciation for the unpleasant tasks they tackle. Moms are irreplaceable and deserve all the praise and gratitude in the world, so here is a list of 10 of the best gifts you can give to show the moms in your life just how valuable they are to you.

1. Towel warmer

Add a little bit of luxury to mom’s everyday routine by gifting her a towel warmer. They aren’t very expensive and many models are low-profile enough to go anywhere in the bathroom, even hung on the wall. Here’s a stylish towel warmer on Amazon for right around $50.

2. Inverted umbrella

This amazing invention makes such a practical gift for mom, especially for the mom who lives in a rainy climate. Easily close the umbrella in the car without getting the interior soaking wet, and that C-shaped handle means both hands are free while holding the umbrella. It just makes sense. As a lover of practical gifts, I would love getting one of these for Mother’s Day. Here’s a link to buy one.

3. Silicone any-shape cake mold

For the mom who loves baking, this cake mold that can be made into any shape is the perfect gift. Made of BPA-free, dishwasher-safe silicone, mom can ditch her hoard of various-shaped cake pans and just keep this one on hand. I would recommend buying two sets (each set comes with 4 pieces, so she can make more and larger shapes and creations). You can get these at Walmart here.

4. Blue Apron Subscription

And for the mom who doesn’t love baking as much, meal delivery subscription services were made for her. The ingredients and instructions are sent right to her door, no shopping or researching required. All ingredient amounts are already measured and simply need to be combined and baked. This makes life so much easier for the busy mom who prefers home-cooked meals but doesn’t have a lot of time to plan and shop for them. You can buy mom a subscription here.

5. Sleep

It’s pretty safe to make the general blanket statement that moms are tired. Most moms you know are tired. Their kids might not go to bed easily, and/or might not sleep through the night, and/or might wake up before the sun comes up, and/or might refuse to take naps. (This isn’t to say Dads aren’t tired too, but we can save the sleep he deserves for Father’s Day). So give mom the gift of sleep this year by getting the kids ready for bed yourself, letting her sleep in in the morning, or taking the kids out so she can have a nap. Make it even more special by buying her a new sleep mask, soft blanket, or luxury pillow.

6. Owlet Baby Monitor

Along the lines of more sleep, give her the gift of more peaceful sleep every night by giving her an Owlet Baby Monitor.  With the app giving her a peek into her baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels, she can rest peacefully knowing the Owlet Baby Monitor is giving her an extra set of eyes to help watch over her baby while she sleeps, and is designed to notify if baby’s levels fall out of the pre-set range. With the Owlet Monitor you actually can buy a better night’s sleep. Click this link to get one now.

7. Travel voucher

Mom deserves a vacation, don’t you agree? But she probably would prefer going over dates, finances, and details with you before booking, which can make surprising her with a vacation kind of tricky. Instead of booking it for her or ruining the surprise, get her a gift card to an airline or a hotel that she can then redeem on the best terms for her schedule. This way the vacation will actually happen rather than just be talked about.

8. Beach gear (and a trip to go with it)

To extend the above idea, if you know the mom in your life has been itching to get to the beach, you can get her some useful beach gear to give her a leg up on the preparations. A big canopy tent, new beach chairs, a wagon to haul kids and gear, large beach towels or blankets, a new cooler, or even new sunglasses and a sunhat are all great ideas mom would love. If you live near a beach, like within a close driving distance or you can swing a quick flight, book a hotel at the beach for an upcoming weekend and make the arrangements (if you’re confident they’ll work with her schedule).

9. New purse or diaper bag

The odds are pretty good that mom’s diaper bag is gross. Maybe not on the outside, but cracker crumbs, loose tissues, spilled change, wrappers, toys, broken jewelry, papers from appointments, etc. have all found a home on the bottom of her bag, and cleaning out that bag is usually not high on the very long list to-do list. A second bag would be a much-appreciated gift. One that she can designate for non-kid outings or that she can simply use for a fresh start. Here’s a super cute functional bag from Target she would love.

10. Qalo Silicone Wedding Band

No more losing her wedding ring outside, or down the drain, or somewhere in the bedroom when it falls off the dresser. This new silicone wedding ring trend is incredible, and such a lifesaver for those with jobs that get their hands dirty or could damage their expensive wedding rings. These silicone bands are sleek, so much so that you hardly notice you’re wearing it, inexpensive, don’t slide off, and won’t get damaged. You can wash them easily, buy different colors to complement your outfits or match each other – they are really so versatile and functional. Keep mom’s cherished expensive wedding ring safe by buying her a Qalo silicone wedding band.

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