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Best Costume Ideas for Baby’s First Halloween – DIY + purchased

October 9, 2016

There is arguably nothing cuter than babies dressed up in costumes. AmIRight?! There’s just something about those chubby little cheeks poking out and rolly-polly arms and legs accentuated in a tight little animal costume that just gives me all the heart-eyes.

If you are getting ready to celebrate your baby’s first Halloween, do it right by using one of the best costume ideas for baby’s first Halloween! Have a better idea? Let us know in the comments at the end!

1. Baby Tiny Tentacles Costume from Party City

baby tentacles

Are. You. Kidding. Me?! Look at that perfectly-framed face in that giant octopus head!

2. Lil’ Monkey from Walmart.com

baby monkey

Something about that tail just makes us go bananas for this cute little number.

3. DIY Stroller IPhone
baby iphone stroller

Sometimes baby just wants to chill and ride along, and that’s okay. Nobody said you can’t spruce up the stroller for the occasion with some cardboard and duct tape!

4. Ooo Baby, Baby! Salt n’ Peppa’s Here!

salt n pepper shakers

For all you twin mamas and daddies, how perfect are these Salt and Pepper Shaker costumes?

5. Baby Peacock from Target

baby peacock

Target wins again! But does Target ever really disappoint? Definitely not with this unbearably adorable baby peacock costume!

6. DIY Scuba Costume

baby scuba diver

This DIY costume has made it’s way around the internet, and for good reason. Use some paper and duct tape to cover up a 2 liter soda bottle, and attach it to a pacifier with some hose, add a little mask and you’ve got a scuba diver! You can even cut out some flipper-shaped felt to cover their tiny shoes to make it even more legit.

7. Newborn Mermaid Tail and Shell Top

newborn mermaid

A baby shell bra. A BABY SHELL BRA! Oh my heart can’t even take the cuteness. The costume comes with the star fish headband, mermaid tail and, my favorite obviously, the baby shell bra.

8. DIY/Store-bought Ewok

ewok costumeFor all you Star Wars fans out there, here ya go! Buy the Teddy Baby costume from Target, grab a brown t-shirt while you’re there, cut some holes out of the shoulder-blade area of the shirt and stick the ears through the holes, and voila! You have an adorable baby Ewok.

9. Lil’ Lobster from Walmart


Something about babies dressed as sea creatures just kills me! I mean look at those tiny little hands coming out of the pinchers!

10. Baby Thing 1 and Thing 2 from Pottery Barn Kids
thing 1 and 2

The only thing cuter than one baby in a costume and wig is two babies in costumes and wigs! These costumes come with both pieces and are to. die. for.

11. Baby Snuggle Bearsnuggle bear costume

Can you help but say, “awwww” when you see this?! As if you didn’t want to snuggle your newborn enough already, dress them up in this and just try to resist. You can’t.

12. Lil’ Garden Gnome

baby gnome

Steal all the laughs on Halloween with this adorably hilarious baby gnome costume! Those ears and that big beard are sure to bring smiles to everyone who sets their eyes on your little yard decoration.



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Mrs Money Saver

Those costumes are very cute. Been watching the pictures for almost 20mins. LOL! Thanks for sharing this.