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Best Mother’s Day Gifts

April 30, 2016

Here’s the thing about moms: it’s never about us. It’s just instinct to put other’s needs first. Cooking, cleaning, shopping, working, exercising – the reasons for all that we do are usually motivated by our families. Everything we do, we do it for you (Bryan Adams knows).

So for Mother’s Day this year, give the moms in your life the gift of themselves, or at least a gift of simplicity for their ever-giving, selfless lives. Check out this guide for 15 of the best Mother’s Day gifts the moms in your life are sure to love and appreciate.

1.     Gift card from Jane.com

Jane.com is a mom’s dream site. First, everything is on sale. Second, it sells cute clothing for mom, for her kids, home décor, gadgets, you name it. Third, they have an awesome app so mom can lie in bed in the morning and do some online shopping first thing to start her day off right. Get her a gift card to Jane. Mom wants this.

2.     Patio/deck update

Whether you have a patio or deck that isn’t put to good use or you don’t even really have an outdoor space to spend time outside, it’s time to surprise your wife or mom with a patio or deck update. If the budget allows, you can add outdoor fireplaces, kitchens, and luxury furniture. If your budget is limited, you can add a simple floating deck to your yard in a weekend.

3.     Stay-cation

Sometimes, all Mom wants is to get away. Alone. Or with her girlfriends. But it’s hard for mom to leave young kids for a long period of time, so for moms with younger kids, plan an elaborate stay-cation in your city, booking the nicest room in the nicest hotel with 24-hour room service. Plan activities that don’t involve animals in exhibits or children’s museums.

4.     Something cute from the kids

Moms always make cute crafts with their kids to give to their daddies on Father’s Day. But daddies don’t always think to do it for mommy. But do it. She might love this more than anything else, as a mother’s role is often quite thankless. Oh, she’ll cry. And yep, she’ll probably frame it over the fireplace so she can look at it all day, every day. This will be the least expensive but most valuable gift you could give her this Mother’s Day.

5.     Family photo session

Nice family photos are on every mom’s list, but forking out the money not only for the photographer but also on the coordinating outfits, not to mention the emotional prep needed to get through the photoshoot when it seems that nobody is capable of looking at the camera at the same time, let alone actually smiling, usually hinders mom from taking the plunge and booking it. So do it for her, and throw in a gift card to Old Navy for the outfits.

6.     Self-care gift certificate

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ve probably heard your wife mention that she really needs to get her hair done, or those eyelash extensions would really help her morning routine go by faster, or that a massage sounds so good. This isn’t on accident. If you haven’t been paying attention, start, and then show your thoughtfulness by getting her a gift certificate for the self-care method of her choice.

7.     Car detail

A clean mom car is like a unicorn. Because it probably doesn’t exist anywhere, but we all wish it did and life would be so magical if we had one. But it doesn’t, because… kids. The cleanest mom in the world doesn’t stand a chance when she’s driving and the kids are having a French-fry throwing contest. Treat Mom’s car to a professional cleaning and detail. Sure, it’ll only last a week at most, but for that week mom will actually look forward to opening the door at her kid’s pickup to show off her clean car to all of the other moms.

8.     A home-cooked meal

If you think about it, when was the last time mom came home to a meal that was already cooked and ready to eat, and got to sit down and eat it uninterrupted while it was still hot? You probably can’t remember. But she would be in heaven if that happened. So send her out for the day, and have a delicious home-cooked meal ready for her when she comes back. Assume the role of kid patrol and make sure your wife’s plate and food remains her own for the entire meal. Oh, and don’t forget dinner duty also means dishes duty.

9.     Stroller or baby carrier

Make moms life easier when she goes out with the kids by getting her a high-quality and easy-to-use stroller or baby carrier, whichever one (or both) she would use and needs the most. It’s just hard taking kids out for long periods of time, but with a nice baby carrier that doesn’t hurt her back or shoulders, or a stroller that is easy to maneuver with plenty of storage, she can conquer any playground or zoo. You can’t go wrong with an Ergobaby 360 or a Phil and Ted’s stroller.

10. Gift cards for activities

It’s important that Mom stays true to herself and feels fulfilled with her life, so give Mom the gift of time and herself by giving her gift cards for activities that SHE enjoys. Maybe Mom is an avid ice skater, horseback rider, pianist, tennis player, or painter. Find a local place where she can enjoy herself or learn more about her own favorite hobbies.

11.A game for the two of you

A simple deck of Uno cards says more than you know. Add a note telling her it’s for when the kids go to bed, and you’ll be surprised how much fun the two of you will have staying up late playing Uno on the bed, with no kids allowed. Lookup reviews for any games that are fun for two people, and show her that you love spending time with her now as much as when you first met. She’ll just melt at the gesture, and you’ll seriously have a blast.

12.A voucher for a class

This year, push mom out of her comfort zone and get her a voucher for some classes or lessons for something she’s never done, but wanted to do. Make sure it’s something she’s mentioned before or that you’re SURE she’ll enjoy. Some suggestions could be a stand-up paddle boarding lesson, a cooking class, or a woodworking class to enhance her DIY skills. Better yet, get a sitter and go learn with her!

13. Housecleaning

Give mom a break with the gift of a clean house. Schedule a cleaning company to come deep-clean the house and also do the light chores she usually does. Carpet and window cleaning is a must, and any other time-consuming chores that require some elbow grease.

14.Subscription to Chatbooks

Scrapbooking got a lot easier with the invention of Chatbooks. Get her a Chatbooks gift card and all of those photos she takes on her phone or uploads to Facebook and Instagram can instantly be printed into a small album that she’ll LOVE displaying on the coffee table.



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