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Best Pregnancy Apps in 2018

Every year, new apps are created and favorite apps are updated to help make your pregnancy easier and stress-free. Here is our updated list of the best pregnancy apps in 2018.

Ovia – free on Android and iPhone

With so many apps focused around the baby’s health, this app focuses on keeping mom healthy during pregnancy. With a food tracker, healthy eating tips and suggestions, prenatal vitamin reminders, and even a sleep monitoring feature, Ovia makes it easier to keep track of your own health and growth during pregnancy.

BabyBump Pregnancy Pro – free on Android and iPhone

With countdown trackers and daily/weekly updates, a forum to connect with other moms, and an endless source of information easily searchable for your specific symptom, trimester, or experience, this app is full of features and a must-have for expecting mothers.

Contraction Timer – free on Android and iPhone

In the midst of contractions, it can be hard to notice the time on the clock or write anything down, but this simple app makes it easy to track the duration and intervals of your contractions. Simply click the button to start and stop, and it will track the duration and automatically input the interval between your contractions.

Glow Nurture – free on Android and iPhone

This app is awesome for connecting with moms sharing similar experiences. From similar symptoms to the same due dates, sometimes connecting with a real person is more helpful than reading advice online. It also has an appointment tracker and everyday health log to help remind you to take care of yourself.

I’m Expecting – free on Android and iPhone

See videos created by medical professional of what your baby looks like at every stage of pregnancy. I love this idea and being able to visualize your baby when he/she is inside of you is a wonderful way to strengthen that bond already forming.

Headspace – free on Android and iPhone

While not a pregnancy-specific app, guided meditation and relaxation exercises can help you manage stress and anxiety, which help to promote a healthy pregnancy.

Baby Name – free on Android and iPhone

It’s like Tinder but for baby names! This app is designed to be used with a partner. Swipe right if you like the name, left if you don’t, and if both you and your spouse swipe right on a name, it’s a winner!

Baby Pool – $1 for iOS

It’s the Fantasy Football of Pregnancy! This would be a fun one to introduce during a baby shower or pregnancy announcement party. Get your friends and family to download it and place bets on the birthday, gender, and name.

What apps did you use and love during pregnancy?

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