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Best Pregnancy Apps in 2018

January 26, 2018

Every year, new apps are created and favorite apps are updated to help make your pregnancy easier and stress-free. Here is our updated list of the best pregnancy apps in 2018.

  1. Ovia – free on Android and iPhone

With so many apps focused around the baby’s health, this app focuses on keeping mom healthy during pregnancy. With a food tracker, healthy eating tips and suggestions, prenatal vitamin reminders, and even a sleep monitoring feature, Ovia makes it easier to keep track of your own health and growth during pregnancy.

What users say:

  • Me and hubby are TTC (trying to conceive) and this app is very helpful in giving advice on that and also helps track my menstruation precisely every month to help determine my fertile days.” – Myawri
  • My only issue is that it won’t let me edit sleep times. It also said I slept for 296 hours and when I tried to edit the times it wouldn’t let me. Also, I’m not sure where its pulling sleep times from because I’ve never added them.” – Danielle M.



The famous book for first-time mothers is now a must-have app for all pregnant women. The app gives a snapshot of what’s going on with mom and baby each week of pregnancy, and continues to inform you about development after the baby is born.

What users say:

  • You wake up to advice you THINK you don’t need… Then later on in the day face a challenge and the answer is already there! Perfect timing. Extremely helpful.” – anonymous
  • “Wish I could keep track of my weight, cravings…. I would love to have a symptom checker, how I’m feeling today, the baby’s heart rate, etc. Maybe, what I’ve eaten, how much water I’ve had. I just want it to be more PERSONALIZED. Other than that, I love this app!” – Mickey D.



In the midst of contractions, it can be hard to notice the time on the clock or write anything down, but this simple app makes it easy to track the duration and intervals of your contractions. Simply click the button to start and stop, and it will track the duration and automatically input the interval between your contractions.

What users say:

  • This app is simple and intuitive. It has everything you need in exactly the right spot. As a partner, you don’t have time to be fiddling around trying to understand the information on a complex screen like other apps offer.” – Elliott F.
  • “Only thing to improve is to make it clearer that “interval” means total cycle time, not just the gaps between contractions. Took a while to realize this!” – anonymous



This app is awesome for connecting with moms sharing similar experiences. From similar symptoms to the same due dates, sometimes connecting with a real person is more helpful than reading advice online. It also has an appointment tracker and everyday health log to help remind you to take care of yourself.

What users say:

  • I love the daily log feature, filling it out often helps remind me to do certain things (especially those kegels!) that I may forget to do daily (thanks pregnancy brain). I use this app daily and I’m trying to get my partner to join in!” – Sarah M.
  • “I love this app, but I do have a suggestion. When you go to your profile there should be a separate tab for posts and comments. Sometimes I wanna look back at my older posts and it’s hard when the comments I wrote on other people’s posts are mixed with the posts I’ve made.” – Naomi S.



See videos created by medical professionals of what your baby looks like at every stage of pregnancy. I love this idea and being able to visualize your baby when he/she is inside of you is a wonderful way to strengthen the bond that is already forming.

What users say:

  • Great app. I used this with my 1st pregnancy & now I’m using it again for my 2nd. Its detailed with what’s going on and how baby is growing. You can track weight gain and exercising along the way also.” – Brianne M.
  • “Wish you added the possibility of adding my own symptoms to show on the calendar with icons to choose from. The app is good as it is but I would like to have it as a complete pregnancy diary.” – Jo An



While not a pregnancy-specific app, guided meditation and relaxation exercises can help you manage stress and anxiety, which help to promote a healthy pregnancy.

What users say:

  • I love this app. It helps me sleep at night. It calms me down when my anxiety hits me the hardest. It takes all of my thoughts, and let’s me control them. I can actually forget some of the things that bother me. It helps me so much.” – James H.
  • “Love the app, the videos are lovely and helpful and there are lots of packs to choose from. However, to have full access to the meditations you need to pay and I think the subscription is too expensive.”  – Otel



It’s like Tinder, but for baby names! This app is designed to be used with a partner. Swipe right if you like the name, left if you don’t, and if you both swipe right on a name, it’s a winner!

What users say:

  • It’s a fun app my wife and I have appreciated. It doesn’t have every name, but it does include most languages so expect some things that don’t sound like a name you’ve ever heard.” – Frederick W.
  • “Great app. Works nicely to pair with your partner and find names together. The only things I would change are: 1) Add pronunciations. 2) more variety of names and less repetition. I see the same names appear lots.“ – Linz F.



It’s the Fantasy Football of Pregnancy! This would be a fun one to introduce during a baby shower or pregnancy announcement party. Get your friends and family to download it and place bets on the birthday, gender, and name.

What users say:

  • A very exciting way to get all your friends and family involved.” – MacGirl
  • “I was so excited to get this pool started. I set everything up, sent to friends, and patiently waited for responses. I had some difficulty in the beginning with the syncing, but once I emailed with the problem, everything was resolved almost immediately!! Great app!” – jmwebb



BabyCenter’s website offers the ultimate online forum destination for expecting women and young mothers, and the app gives the same resources at the tip of your fingers. It’s considered one of the top pregnancy apps out there for its impressive versatility. You can also use it to track fertility, due date, contractions, and much more.

What users say:

  • “İt’s the best pregnancy and post pregnancy app I’ve found so far. Nothing can match it. Was very very helpful during my first child in utero and I’m still using it as he’s growing.” – Gargi D.
  • “Don’t absolutely love the layout of the main page. It would be nice if the app changed from day to day instead of being able to see the whole week on one page. Too much info at once. Other than that great app!” -anonymous


What apps did you use and love during pregnancy? Have you liked learning about the best pregnancy apps? You might be interested in learning more about the best baby monitors as well.


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