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Best Products for Baby Bump Support

March 18, 2016

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Whether you’ve already got a watermelon-sized bump or you’re not quite showing yet, that belly of yours is growing fast, and you’ll likely suffer some consequences as a result. Other than finally succumbing to maternity clothes rather than continue the struggle of squeezing into those not-so-perfect-anymore skinny jeans, you’re probably going to need some extra support, as well.

Many pregnant women develop a few bump-related issues during their pregnancy, including back pain, groin pain, trouble sleeping, skin problems, and irritability.

Here are some awesome, useful baby bump support products:

Body pillow

Sleeping on your side when you have a heavy, protruding belly is not easy. Combine that with having to pee every half hour and you’re looking at a lot of sleepless nights and drowsy days. A body pillow is a MUST-HAVE during pregnancy to prop that bump up and give you some support.

body pillow
You can buy pillow wedges that specifically prop up your belly or full-sized body pillows that allow you to tuck it between your knees to ease and align your knees and hips, which can also give you some discomfort during pregnancy.  You can buy body pillows like this one on Amazon or at most major retailers, and they’re quite affordable.

Maternity raft

This is something I wish I would’ve known about when I was pregnant. Yes, you can use this at the pool, but you can ALSO use it on a mattress! Sleeping on the same side can get uncomfortable, and when you need toswitch it up this maternity raft is a fantastic way to let you change positions while keeping that bump supported. It’s also your solution for getting back rubs again since that growing belly likely prevented them in the past. You can also get these on Amazon.

Belly bands

There are two different types of belly bands that you’ll want to look into.

The first is the kind that stretches over the waistband of your regular pants to allow you to wear them longer. Basically you just leave them unbuttoned/unzipped but this fits over them so they don’t fall down.

You can find this one at Target.


You can find this one at Babies R Us.

The other kind is a support band. These come in a lot of different varieties, but they basically help support your belly to ease pain in your back, pelvic, groin… pretty much any area that has pain from your belly, and help with your posture. You can get support bands that come up over the belly, only go under the belly, have straps that go over the shoulders, and even full belly/bra combo support systems. Again, you can buy these at most major retailers or online. It’s a good idea to check out reviews to find out which one would best suit your needs.

Body butter

Before you get your hopes up that I’m about to tell you this will prevent stretchmarks… this isn’t to prevent stretch marks. Because for many women, stretch marks are unavoidable. And that’s okay, because they’re a precious reminder that you were privileged to experience the gift of pregnancy.

But body butter or even just a good body lotion will be very soothing as your fast-growing belly becomes dry or itchy as it stretches. Burt’s Bees makes belly butter specifically for pregnancy bellies. But any thick, quality lotion will help moisturize and offer relief for skin conditions that accompany a growing belly.

Groin bands

092-groin-band-cropped-e1380300944873Yet another product I wish I’d known about when I was pregnant, these groin bands are said to help with pelvic pressure, pubic symphysis, and a plethora of other conditions in the groin area caused by that big belly of yours. They strap onto a belly band and are easily removed and adjusted for your convenience.  Check them out here.


There, there, mama, it’s okay. You’re right; it IS so hard being pregnant. And no, I don’t think it’s just the hormones. You’re tired, you’re in pain, you’re hungry, your poor husband said the wrong thing and you don’t even want to see his face right now, and you have to pee. Pregnancy is a tough job. The final product that can help you with that growing belly is chocolate. nutellaStock up on your favorite so at 3 a.m. when you’re on your 4th trip to the bathroom and get hit with a craving you don’t have to suffer or send your sleeping husband to the store. Although I’m sure he’d be glad to go if you stocked up on the wrong kind 🙂

Okay, what did I miss? What other products are must-haves for a growing pregnancy belly? And have you tried any of the ones I mentioned? Tell me your experiences!

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