Celebrity Interview – Dani Krum!

This week we invited lifestyle and fashion blogger Dani Krum from danimarieblog.com to Owlet!

Dani Krum; wife, mother, pediatric nurse, and fashion-enthusiast

Dani is a wife, mother, pediatric nurse, and fashion-enthusiast. Dani’s blog has become one of my go-to’s for fashion inspiration when I’m feeling “blah” with my style because, let’s be honest, fashion doesn’t always come easy as a mom, and she is fabulous!

Today on Owlet, we’re giving you an inside look into Dani Krum’s world of pregnancy and parenthood with an exclusive interview!

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Pregnancy with Katie Clark From The Clarks Condensed!

This week, we’re THRILLED to welcome the fabulous Katie from the Clarks Condensed to Owlet!clarks condensed 3

Katie and I are part of an exclusive club because we’re both pregnant and expecting boys in September! Katie is also the proud mama of Jack, her 3-year old son, and adoring wife to her lucky husband, Forrest.

We asked Katie to answer some juicy and brain-rattling questions about her experiences with pregnancy and parenthood, and she definitely didn’t fail to deliver some HILARIOUS and insightful answers! Check them out below!

What is your funniest “pregnancy brain” moment?
“When I was pregnant with my son, I walked into the men’s restroom THREE TIMES. Two of the times it took me awhile to register that it was the men’s bathroom. I even remember thinking, “Why in the world is there a urinal in here?!” Fortunately, that hasn’t happened with this pregnancy!”

If you could wish one pregnancy “symptom” on your husband for 24 hours, what would it be?
“My husband is pretty sympathetic, so I wouldn’t want to wish anything too bad on him (though he might not mind seeing what it’s like to have morning sickness all day, every day!) I think I’d feel bad wishing any symptom on him! Maybe the heightened sense of smell – who knows, he might enjoy that!”

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