Dads and Their Sleep | Sleep Study Findings


As part of May’s Better Sleep Month, we conducted two different surveys to uncover eye-opening information about the shut-eye habits and routines of parents of newborn children, a group who consistently gets less sleep than the general population. Our findings uncovered some factoids about dads and their sleep after a newborn’s arrival.

According to the survey…

  • Dads are more likely to wake up at night to check the baby monitor (62 percent of dads versus 52 percent of moms).
  • Dads report most often losing sleep worrying about providing a good life for their child.
  • Close to one third (30 percent) of new fathers have fallen asleep at work.

We know you dads out there are putting in the hours along side mom to take care of your newborns! And for that, we commend you. For all the dads who’ve pulled an all nighter with their newborn, we wish you (an early) happy father’s day and we hope you can get some much needed sleep tonight!

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Throwback Thursday | The Owlet Smart Sock

We’re feeling a little nostalgic today so here’s a good ol’ #tbt to when the Owlet Smart Sock looked like this!

tbt with owlet

As you can see, our sock has come a long way over the past few years! We’re always trying to improve parents’ experiences with Owlet, and making the sock more nursery-friendly was on the top of our list back in the day. In the original design the pulse oximeter was located on the bottom of the foot just like in our current sock. But the Sock Electronics (the white square in this picture) wrapped around baby’s ankle. Can you believe that big white square is just the battery and electronics?!


With a little tweak in design and a lot of hard work we were (thankfully) able to miniaturize the electronics and the current sock design fell into place. The new design wasn’t just about miniaturizing sock electronics though! We wanted to make sure our sock was as comfortable, discreet and cuddly as possible. Cue the new Owlet Smart Sock!


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Twitter Party Recap | #OwletLove

Owlet Twitter Party

Thanks to all of you who came and partied with us earlier this week on Twitter! We had a blast and enjoyed getting to talk more about a topic that’s so important to many parents: SLEEP.

In case you missed the chat, here’s a quick recap. More than 2,000 tweets were sent!

We talked about things like bedtime routines—do you have one for your little one? What does it entail? Mom It Forward was a fabulous party host, and got moms and dads alike sharing ways they help their baby go to sleep at night and spill the beans on their one piece of advice they’d share with a new or expectant mom.

If you want to see more of the chatter, search #OwletLove on Twitter (or just click here) and catch up on the conversation.

Don’t worry if you missed the party—we always have lots of great conversation going on over on Facebook. Join us there!

Thanks again for Twitter partying with us. We really do have the best community!

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The Best Baby Breathing Monitor

Protecting your baby from any harm is a top priority for any parent and can be the hardest job in the world. Keeping an eye on them at all times and making sure they are okay can be difficult, especially when they are sleeping and you are too. That’s why a baby monitor is a smart purchase for any parent, especially one that allows you to monitor your child’s breathing.

There are a variety of different baby breathing monitors out there, including sound monitors, video monitors, and movement monitors. And within those categories there are even more choices to make. So how do you know how to pick the right monitor for you and your baby?

Which type of monitor is the best monitor? The two most important vital signs to watch are their breathing, and heart rate. A really good monitor should be able to notify you when your baby is in danger without waking you up with any false alarms.

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