11 Ways to Bond With Baby Before Birth

Every pregnancy is different, and the ways that you bond with your baby before she’s born will be too. Whether pregnancy makes you feel like Super Woman, or it’s really difficult, there are always ways to bond. Below are eleven ways to bond with baby before birth. We hope that they’re helpful, and help you to enjoy your pregnancy journey!

1. Talk/Sing it Out

Talking to your baby bump may seem a little weird at first, but it can be a really effective way to bond. Especially if you’re on bed rest and have to minimize other activities. Just talk about your day, how excited you are to meet your babe, etc. And have your partner be involved too. Or sing your favorite songs, if that’s your thing.

2. Document Your Bump

Whether it’s weekly or monthly, or shared on social media or kept private, documenting your bump is a great way to get excited about your pregnancy. You could even create a photo book to share with your baby once she’s born.

3. Find Your Favorite Pregnancy App

A great way to feel connected to your baby and pregnancy is to track your pregnancy’s progress through a pregnancy app. It can help you better visualize your baby and know how big she is, and what milestones are happening in utero. You can also upload monthly photos of yourself to track your progress.

4. Display Your Ultrasound Photos and Videos

Technology is amazing, and there are so many great ways to document your child’s development. Try displaying photo stills from your ultrasound, or watch the video of it on your computer at work. That way you can notice all of the miraculous things your baby is doing while she’s growing, and it’s a constant reminder that you are the participant in something pretty incredible.

5. Create a Keepsake

Maybe it’s a mold of your belly, or a sketch of your pregnant body. Or unique artwork created from the sound waves of your baby’s heartbeat. Regardless of what you choose, having a keepsake can help you bond with your baby.

6. Go to Yoga

Pregnancy yoga is a great way to get in touch with your body and your baby. It’s also a great way to relax and create a calm environment for your unborn child. Creating a meditative space can be so healing and bonding as you seek to connect with your child. And this can be especially helpful for a difficult pregnancy because it can help ease anxiety and depression. [Though please talk to your doctor or midwife IMMEDIATELY if you are having harmful thoughts.]

7. Keep a Journal

Writing is another great way to document your pregnancy and also to bond with your baby. You can write about your hopes for your baby, about the kind of mom you want to be, anything that speaks to you. You can hand write everything out, or even dictate it to Siri. But it’s something you and your child can look back on with fondness. This is another great way to involve your partner as well.

8. Massage Your Bump

Taking time to personally (or have your partner or a professional) rub your belly can be therapeutic and restorative. Rubbing oils into your skin can help its elasticity, and create more comfort for you, which will help baby feel more comfortable too.

9. Listen to Music Together

Whether it’s classical music or your favorite pop song, listening to music with your unborn baby can be a bonding experience. Get an earphone splitter, and put over-the-ear earphones on your bump, and use your favorite set for yourself. And enjoy the collective experience.

10. Take a Bath

This is another great way to slow down and reconnect with your body and baby. (Make sure it’s a warm bath, not a hot one.) Take time to breathe, to be still. Baby can sense when you’re happy and relaxed, and so try to create moments for yourself where this is possible.

11. Respond to Movements

When your baby kicks or rolls, try to respond to the movements with soft touches and a soft voice. By acknowledging your baby, there can be a special communication and bond that can develop. It’ll help you feel more connected to your baby and yourself.

What are some of the ways you’ve bonded with your baby before birth?

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Things to Prepare for During Pregnancy

Finding out you’re expecting is so exciting, but other than that little plus sign on a stick it’s not always immediately noticeable that you’re pregnant. You might not be climbing into the maternity jeans just yet, but when you first find out you’re pregnant there are some things you should prepare for so you’re ready when they come.

Maternity leave

If you work, find out your company’s policy on maternity leave. Plan ahead of time so you can make arrangements if you plan to go back to work, completing projects, adjusting deadlines, or arranging replacements for your absence. Remember that these dates should be flexible – babies tend to operate on their own schedule, but as long as you are in communication with your HR department so they’re in the loop you should be good to go.

Maternity clothing

I was both eager and nervous when it came to wearing maternity clothing. Shopping was the fun part, but finding things that fit well and were comfortable was a whole other ball game. Buying a full wardrobe before you’re really big may mean you have another big shopping trip when you ARE big and shopping is the last thing you want to do. You can probably wear your regular clothes for a while at first, and when they start feeling tight you can buy a few universal pieces that will stretch no matter how big you go. Once you are bigger you’ll know for sure whether you like pants that cover your whole belly, sit under your belly, or don’t want pants at all. Flowy dresses were where it was at for me.

Travel adjustments

Once you are past a certain point, many doctors recommend against traveling while pregnant. If you have plans to travel or something comes up, you may need to make adjustments to your plans. Buying travel insurance or rescheduling a trip early on to avoid fees is a good idea for trips you can’t cancel completely.

Staying hydrated

As soon as you find out you’re pregnant, start prioritizing your water intake. Your body produces and circulates a higher blood volume to deliver nutrients to the baby and aid in development, as well as keep your own body functioning through the changes, and drinking water is essential to keep all of your body’s fluids replenished.


I didn’t realize that my boobs would start leaking and changing during pregnancy, MONTHS before my baby was born. It’s never too early in your pregnancy to start reading up on these expected changes and buying some staple items. You should probably wait to buy a bra until you know for sure what size you’ll need, but you can stock up on Lanolin and nursing pads.

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8 of the Best Gifts for Mamas-To-Be

Mother’s Day is rapidly approaching, and so it’s time to start thinking about gifts. If you’re stumped about what to get your favorite mama-to-be, we’ve got your back. Here are eight of the best gifts for mamas-to-be, in no particular order:

1. Fujifilm Instax Mini 9

An instant camera is a great item to have during the birthing experience. So photos of the mama can be taken during labor, or the first moment where she meets her baby can also be recorded. This is also a fun way to document the baby once she’s born; taking monthly baby photos and then displaying them in something like this is such a fun idea.

2. Diamond Eternity Band

Okay, this is admittedly a little extravagant, but if you’re going more of the “push present” route, this is a gift to consider. Alternatively, get her something personalized, maybe it’s the first initial of her child’s name, or a piece of jewelry that incorporates her baby’s birthstone.

3. A Cute Nursing Bra

Because nursing isn’t sexy. In all seriousness, buying a cute nursing bra for your favorite mama-to-be could really lift her spirits. It’s amazing how much it can help with that physical transition after birth, because we all want to feel comfortable with ourselves, and yes, even a little bit sexy.

4. Almond Supple Skin Oil

Not only is this oil amazing to help prevent stretch marks, but it also can be great to use postpartum. It’s richness melds into the skin and helps soothe it from feeling stretched out or dry. And it smells amazing!

5. Dwell & Slumber Caftan

Getting your favorite future mom a comfortable caftan is another great gift idea. Because she can wear it while pregnant, and then wear it after she has her baby. The simple snaps (or zipper, depending on which style you select) are very nursing friendly, so it’s something she can wear with ease. And, when she’s feeling like an outing, it can easily be knotted at the bottom and dressed up to be worn in public as well.

6. A Soothing Eye Mask

The sleep deprivation that babies bring is so real, so treat your favorite mom with a soothing gel eye mask that she can wear to help alleviate those bags under her eyes. Or the headaches that will most likely ensue.

7. A Mani/Pedi or a Massage

A little self care goes a long way, and it’s hard to think of yourself when you’re caring for a new baby. So another great gift idea is to treat the mama-to-be with a little spa experience, and offer to be with the baby while she’s away.

8. Dinner

Offering to provide a dinner (whether you make it, or if it’s takeout from her favorite place) is a gift that’s a little outside of the box. However, it can sometimes be the most meaningful thing. If you’re her partner, you’re hopefully going to be doing this already, so maybe it’s taking her out to a nice dinner baby-free, once she feels up to it. If you’re her sibling or friend, this can be something that both mama and partner will enjoy. You can even order a meal service for a week or two, if that’s something you think she’d love.

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7 Unforgettable Pregnancy Milestones

Pregnancy is an exciting time. From your first positive test, to your first push, here are seven unforgettable pregnancy milestones:

1. The Positive Test

This is the first moment where your pregnancy starts to feel “real.” And telling your partner is also a fun component of this milestone. Some women choose an elaborate way, and others might just come out of the bathroom with the positive test in hand. But however, you and your partner find out is an exciting and unforgettable moment!

2. The First Pregnancy Symptoms

While this may not be the most celebratory item on the list, the first pregnancy symptoms are definitely a milestone. Whether it’s developing a heightened sense of smell, experiencing morning sickness or feeling better than you ever have before (which I’ve been told happens sometimes), you’ll find yourself feeling a greater connection to your pregnancy.

3. The First Heartbeat/Ultrasound

There is nothing quite like hearing your child’s heartbeat for the first time and seeing her little form moving around on screen during an ultrasound. These moments are so precious and life-changing. And with all of the technology we have at our fingertips, these unforgettable moments can be documented in real-time.

4. Telling the World

Speaking of technology… social media is a great way to help you tell the world you’re pregnant. This can be especially effective if you live away from family and loved ones, and can create a sense of interconnectedness. Plus, it’s just fun to be at a place in your pregnancy where you’re ready to tell the world you’re having a baby.

5. The Gender Reveal

This might happen at your 20-week ultrasound, or when the baby makes her debut. Either way, finding out the gender of your baby is a huge milestone. If you choose to find out before the baby is born, there are also many ways to reveal it to the world. Maybe a gender reveal party is totally your thing, or maybe it’s just sending out a group text to your people. And maybe the reveal happens when your doctor or midwife declares, “It’s a girl/boy!” Regardless, it’s a pretty special time.

6. Your First Contraction/Push

Or first incision, if you’re having a C-section. Regardless of how you deliver your child, there will be the moments in your delivering experience that will feel pretty momentous. And hopefully, your birth experience will be one that you look back on with positivity. And I think the best part of this particular milestone, is that you have your baby as result.

7. Choosing a Name

Like the gender reveal, the name choice may come earlier in the pregnancy process or after your baby is born. Either way, it’s a big deal. And there’s nothing more satisfying than the moment where you and your partner come together and agree on a name. That moment where it clicks and you know it’s the right name is pretty great.

What are some of your favorite unforgettable pregnancy milestones? 

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