Throwback Thursday | The Owlet Smart Sock

We’re feeling a little nostalgic today so here’s a good ol’ #tbt to when the Owlet Smart Sock looked like this!

tbt with owlet

As you can see, our sock has come a long way over the past few years! We’re always trying to improve parents’ experiences with Owlet, and making the sock more nursery-friendly was on the top of our list back in the day. In the original design the pulse oximeter was located on the bottom of the foot just like in our current sock. But the Sock Electronics (the white square in this picture) wrapped around baby’s ankle. Can you believe that big white square is just the battery and electronics?!


With a little tweak in design and a lot of hard work we were (thankfully) able to miniaturize the electronics and the current sock design fell into place. The new design wasn’t just about miniaturizing sock electronics though! We wanted to make sure our sock was as comfortable, discreet and cuddly as possible. Cue the new Owlet Smart Sock!


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